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  • It's time to embrace the dual mode of IT and navigate that complicated landscape so that sooner, rather than later, you'll realize the benefits that lie ahead.

  • HUB Industrial Supply was drowning in paperwork and needed to scale up its business for growth. The solution was a fully featured warehouse management system.

  • More than half of the technology devices in use in organizations today are considered old and obsolete—a situation that has worsened significantly over the past five years, according to research from Dimension Data. The resulting "Network Barometer Report 2015" reveals that hardware failure—not surprisingly—is also on the rise. (What is surprising is that incidents attributed to human error are actually declining.) Throughout the seven-year history of the report, the average tolerance level among organizations for obsolete devices remained at about 10 percent. Once the level reached 11 percent or higher, leadership would start to refresh the devices. Apparently, that is no longer the case. "The conventional assumption was that an overall technology refresh was imminent," said Andre van Schalkwyk, consulting practice manager for Dimension Data's Networking Business Unit. "But our data shows that organizations are refreshing mostly obsolete devices and are clearly willing to sweat their aging devices for longer than expected." The report also includes insights about device troubleshooting and repair, security and IPv6 support, among other topics. The 2015 research was compiled from technology data gathered from more 350 technology life cycle management assessments, covering 70,000 discovered technology devices in 28 countries.