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  • A new generation of analytics tools is helping a growing number of companies derive bottom-line benefits from the ever-larger pools of data they're collecting.

  • The vast majority of business leaders said data analytics is playing a key role in their organization with respect to strategic execution, and many said it serves as a primary growth driver, according to a recent survey from BSA|The Software Alliance. Findings reveal that companies have progressed far beyond the days when big data was perceived as a mysterious resource, and they are now finding effective, business-benefiting ways to use this technology. These efforts directly translate into more satisfied customers, increased sales, new products and expanded markets. "Data innovation helps companies do what they do in new and better ways," says Victoria Espinel, president and CEO of BSA. "They are using data to find insights, answers and innovative solutions to problems large and small." In addition to the research, BSA|The Software Alliance is offering the following global policy recommendations to ensure that organizations continue to maximize the value of their data. More than 1,500 senior executives and business decision-makers in the United States and Europe took part in the research.