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  • Big data has emerged at the center of the digital enterprise. In fact, almost every initiative connects and intersects with data and analytics in some way. Yet, the playing field across the corporate environment isn't equal. While some organizations have tapped big data to improve performance and even transform the business, others have struggled to put it to work in fruitful ways. A new report from SAP, Data 2020: State of Big Data Study, offers perspective on the challenges as well as the solutions. It found that the big data landscape is becoming increasingly complex, enterprises face unprecedented challenges in putting big data to work, and different types of data sources introduce different obstacles. It also found that organizations struggle in several crucial areas: establishing data quality; achieving data connectivity and IT agility; and addressing skills, capabilities and data ownership issues. Here's a look at some of the key findings and recommendations from the August 2017 survey of IT decision-makers from the U.S. and eight other countries: