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The Biggest Problems Facing IT Project Teams

There are many ways for information technology initiatives to go wrong—and they do so all the time. In fact, approximately one-half of businesses will have an IT project fail within a year, according to research. In summarizing the most common reasons for these failures, AtTask has come out with a free-to-download e-book titled "10 Problems Preventing Your IT Team From Doing (Its) Best Work... Read More >


IT Projects: Major Successes and Epic Failures

We often read about how government IT projects constantly run over budget, miss deadlines and encounter enormous difficulties. But, upon closer inspection, you may find that the public sector's track record on tech advances reflects a more balanced perspective: It includes major successes along with epic failures. (That probably sounds very familiar to IT professionals in private industry, as... Read More >


Project Management Trends Present New Challenges

Cutthroat competition, performance disasters and a "prove it" mentality will increase pressure on project management leaders and teams in 2014. Why now? Because too many projects have been expensive failures. In fact, 17 percent of IT projects costing $15 million or more go so badly that they threaten to shut down their companies, according to research from McKinsey & Co. And more than two... Read More >


How to Transition to Agile Software Development

Agile software development involves building software iteratively and incrementally. The results of early phases influence the planning of later phases. Read More >


Ten Ways to Get Buy-In for Your Proposal

You may have the greatest idea in the world, but it won't go anywhere if you don't know how to sell it to your company's stakeholders—and they can range from employees to the C-suite to customers and business partners. Any proposal that affects the organization must gain support and buy-in. Such advocacy is required to get the initiative and its budget approved, as well as to significantly... Read More >


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