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Agile Methodologies Help Tranform a Nonprofit

This nonprofit transformed its business practice, implemented a new case management system and adopted a new business process—all with minimal disruption. Read More >


Disarming Hidden IT Project Time Bombs

How can you tell whether an IT project will be a boon or a bomb? And how can you spot the land mines in time to change course? Three disciplines can help. Read More >


Resource Management Is Vital to the Bottom Line

For many organizations, the capability (or lack thereof) to conduct effective resource management and capacity planning amounts to a make-or-break proposition, according to a recent survey from Planview. The accompanying "2014 State of Resource Management and Capacity Planning Benchmark Report" reveals that companies that fall short in these areas face difficulties with respect to inaccurate... Read More >


Top Challenges Facing Project Managers

If you're a project manager, you probably deal with a lot of frustration—and you are not alone. Seven out of 10 organizations surveyed experience at least one project failure in a year. To make matters worse, nearly four out of five software development project professionals say that the business side is "usually" or "always" out of sync with project requirements. And only 40 percent of... Read More >


Nine Leadership Lessons From Pope Francis

By virtually any standard, Pope Francis has become a beloved and effective world leader. He lives in a modest guesthouse instead of the Apostolic Palace. He wears the same cross he wore when he was a cardinal. And he gave up the famed Mercedes-Benz Popemobile in favor of a 30-year-old Renault. More important, his words and actions have gained favor with a broad range of global citizens,... Read More >


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