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Collaboration Tools Offer Visibility Into Projects

A payroll services provider uses collaboration tools to get better client accountability through real-time project status, reporting and analytics capabilities. Read More >


Ten Reasons to Become a Project Manager

It seems pretty clear that you would like to get paid more … and gain more job security … and advance your career far more rapidly… and hobnob with influential organization leaders who are convinced of your greatness. If any of these goals are on your career to-do list, you might want to consider getting certified as an IT project manager. A report from Global Knowledge, "Top... Read More >


Smaller Project Teams Are More Productive

At one time or another, almost all information technology professionals have heard cries for more resources. They may even have been the one asking for help. "If only there were more people available for this project," they've said, "then maybe it would get done on time." Well, it turns out that more staffing is not the equivalent of optimal staffing. In fact, smaller project teams are more... Read More >


Taking Project Management to a Collaborative Level

BBN turned to cloud-based project management to consolidate data into one repository and connect the staff so collaboration could take place for all projects. Read More >


Ten Ways to Manage Projects Successfully

It can be overwhelming to oversee a major IT project. In fact, only three out of 10 such initiatives are considered successful, according to research from The Standish Group. Of the rest, one-quarter are declared outright failures and are cancelled before completion. The remaining 45 percent finish late, are over-budget, or end up with fewer than the required features and functions. Given this... Read More >


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