BMC: From Soup to Nuts

By Mel Duvall  |  Posted 2002-11-01
With $1.3 billion in annual revenues, BMC's core strength is its software to monitor and manage enterprise systems, applications and databases. For over a year now, it's been offering products to monitor Web applications and sites as well with the launch of products such as SiteAngel and GuardianAngel. PDF Download

Online brokerage Ameritrade has been using BMC products for about three years to manage and monitor an infrastructure that extends beyond 1,000 servers. It uses the company's Patrol enterprise management system, as well as its Perform and Predict modules to determine future requirements. Chief Technology Architect Danny Gornell says BMC provided vital tools to manage his company's explosive growth in the late '90s—and, more recently, as stock trading slowed and he's had to get more out of his technology resources.

As a business partner, Gornell gives BMC a high rating, but when it comes to measuring and monitoring Ameritrade's Web site operations, the company has stuck with software from Keynote Systems. "We've looked at (BMC's SiteAngel) and it seems pretty solid, but we're happy with what we have," he says.

Still, BMC has an advantage in winning a bigger share of the market because companies like the idea of being able to closely integrate their Web measurement and performance systems with their enterprise monitoring systems. Wayne State University, in Detroit, made that choice. The university decided about two years ago to install both BMC's Patrol enterprise manager and SiteAngel. Steve Adamczyk, director of service assurance, says the software has been useful in helping his team decide when to upgrade or consolidate servers and what size or configuration of server to purchase.

Teranet, a Toronto company that offers a variety of Web-based services on behalf of Canadian government customers, says it relies heavily on BMC's products to keep its administration head count low. It has been struggling for several months to resolve a conflict between its Windows operating environment and Patrol. George Demeester, Teranet's technical architect, was still trying to resolve the problem when interviewed in October.

Reference Checks
Executives listed here are all users of BMC Software's products. Their willingness to talk has been confirmed by Baseline.

Danny Gornell
Technology Architect
(402) 331-7856
Project: Online brokerage uses BMC's Patrol management system, as well as its Perform and Predict modules, to monitor and improve performance of more than 1,000 servers.

Andre Fillion
Manager, IT Architecture
(514) 598-3222
Project: Quebec gas distributor has been using BMC's Control-M to automate management processes in its SAP system for about three years.

Brenda Kirkpatrick
(703) 968-8844
Project: Company has provided consulting services on BMC products for seven years. Recent engagements include Dow Jones & Company, Capital One, UPS.

Rob Jackson
Product Manager
(210) 892-4000
Project: Hosting company has deployed BMC's SiteAngel and GuardianAngel to monitor its infrastructure and give customers the ability to run tests and monitor performance of their individual Web sites.

George Demeester
Technical Architect
(416) 360-5263
Project: Has been using BMC's Patrol product about seven years to manage and monitor not only application servers, but Oracle and Sybase databases as well.

Steve Adamczyk
Director, Service Assurance Center
(313) 577-4739
Project: Detroit-area university has been using a suite of BMC products, including Patrol module. More recently added SiteAngel.
Company Profile
BMC Software 2101 Citywest Blvd.
Houston, TX 77042
(713) 918-8800

Ticker: BMC
Exchange: NYSE
Employees: 6,335

Garland Cupp
Has served on company's board of directors since 1989, and was named chairman in 2001. Held a variety of executive positions with American Express from 1978 to 1995.

Robert Beauchamp
President, CEO
Joined in 1988 as a senior sales rep. Served in a variety of senior sales roles and became senior vice president of research and development in 1997. Was named president/CEO in 2001.

Jason Andrew
Director, Subscription Services
Responsible for SiteAngel, GuardianAngel, and PatrolExpress product lines.

Products: Software to monitor and manage enterprise systems, applications and databases. Products include Control-M and Patrol enterprise systems management packages. Newer initiatives include SiteAngel and GuardianAngel Web site and application monitoring systems.