Parametric Technology: Designed to Lead?

By Joshua Weinberger  |  Posted 2003-01-17

PDF Download Considered by many to have the premier computer-aided design software—Pro/Engineer—PTC has tried to build on that strength in the engineering sector over the past decade. For Marco Arnone, the general manager of engineering company Enser Corp., it was Pro/E's leadership status that "opened up opportunities for us to sell our services to other companies," and part of the reason Enser opted for PTC's product lifecycle management software. The prevailing sentiment, though, is that the overall Windchill package is a daunting piece to deploy all at once—and it requires extensive customization. Users have had to find the silver lining in its various modules.

Rick Yahn, engineering manager for printing-industry manufacturer QTI, is one who has found the full suite a bit unwieldy. "This Windchill thing is just too horizontally complex. We went into it for about a year, and then had to scale back." The learning process, he says, has been time-consuming and costly. "We've learned enough to implement what was of value [to us]." Yahn's been using ProjectLink on his own desktop for about nine months—"and that's been great," he says. He's enthusiastic about how ProjectLink will roll out to the rest of QTI. "It's a vertical slice of the Windchill package without trying to do too much."

Two years ago, when aerospace-industry software provider Exostar was looking to integrate document and project management into its ForumPass offering, PTC's ProjectLink was the best choice available, says Vice President of Marketing Ludo Van Vooren. Now, even though Exostar doesn't use a customized version of the software, some of the newer features in ProjectLink were a direct result of Exostar's pilot program. When changes had to be integrated, "PTC needed a bit of prodding," Van Vooren says, "but [eventually] got their top two development guys [involved]."

John Burdett, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics' project manager for the Joint Strike Fighter program, says Lockheed turned to Windchill to help control costs and provide management metrics from the factory floor. But out of the box, he says, Windchill "may not have reached its potential yet as a program management tool."

Reference Checks

Executives listed here are all users of PTC's products. Their willingness to talk has been confirmed by Baseline.

Ed Gittines
Programmer Analyst
(203) 749-7090
Project: To expedite information searches, the cycling company is looking to upgrade from ProjectLink to PDMLink.

Marco Arnone
Executive VP
(856) 829-5522
Project: A user of Pro/Engineer since 1992, the engineering company recently opted for 25 ProjectLink licenses.

Ludo Van Vooren
VP, Marketing
(703) 793-7714
Project: Aerospace-industry software provider integrated ProjectLink into ASP-based ForumPass in early 2001 for collabo-rative project management.

Raed Hajeb
Director, Business Process Engineering
(801) 588-1194
Project: After beginning to implement Windchill 5.2, went live in November 2002 on 6.0 instead.

Dan Vantucci
(201) 760-5777
Project: More than 10 years after selecting Pro/ Engineer, the fluid-control systems provider is using Windchill primarily for data and document management.

John Burdett
Project Manager
(817) 777-2879
Project: Defense contractor has coupled Windchill with EDS' Meta-phase to oversee the Joint Strike Fighter jet program.

Rick Yahn
Engineering Mgr.
(414) 566-7938
Project: After piloting the full Windchill suite, the printing-industry manufacturer scaled back to separate segments, namely ProjectLink and document management.

Company Profile

Parametric Technology Corp.
140 Kendrick St.
Needham, MA 02494
(781) 370-5000


C. Richard Harrison
President, CEO
Has held both positions since March 2000. Had served as President and COO since 1994.

Barry F. Cohen
Executive VP, Strategic Services and Partners
Before coming to PTC as Executive VP, Marketing, in January 1998, he was a senior VP at Computervision for more than four years.

Paul J. Cunningham
EVP, Americas Sales
Has been in the role since July 2000; before that, he was Executive VP, Primary Sales and held Senior VP positions in both European and North America West Sales.

Windchill (collaborative product development); ProjectLink (design project collaboration); Medusa (detailing and design documentation); Pro/Desktop (entry-level product development); PartsLink (product catalog management); Pro/Engineer Wildfire (product design automation and management); Division (2-D and 3-D visualization); CADDS 5i (3-D mechanical design), and Pro/Intralink.