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Outbid Uses HTML5 to Take Auctions to a New Level

This real-time online auction site deployed next-generation capabilities, including instant bidding, rapid transactions, gaming features and live chat. Read More >


Open Source Initiative Accepting Individual Members

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is now accepting individual members as the organization moves to enhance its impact in the open source world. Read More >


Why Enterprises Will Love Microsoft's Widows 8

Enterprises are sure to rapidly embrace Windows 8 once Microsoft releases it on Oct. 26. So far it looks like Windows 8 has the security components, interface features and application support to win the confidence of PC OEMs and enterprise buyers. Read More >


Apple Changing Its Tune on Mac Security

The company is including a new automated update feature in the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion operating system, and admitting that Macs can get viruses. Read More >


Is Windows 8 Ready for the Enterprise?

In a focused keynote on Day Two of its TechEd 2012 conference, Microsoft made its case that Windows 8 is ready for business and will be a welcome addition to the enterprise. Read More >


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