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Things You Shouldn't Do if You Want to Be Promoted

There are plenty of ways to get passed over for a promotion that have nothing to do with your job performance, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. For example, having a bad attitude will significantly lower your chances. So will frequently showing up late for work and/or leaving early—even if you get the job done. The findings also show that people who curse a lot are likely to... Read More >


Timeshare Exchange Strengthens Identity Management

Interval Leisure Group turned to a simplified, streamlined approach to privilege management to provide role-based access controls for workers and consultants. Read More >


Why Global IT Spending Is Slumping

While worldwide IT spending was previously projected for a slight boost in 2015, a revised forecast indicates that sales will actually decline this year, according to the latest research from Gartner. The pattern will affect industry categories across the board, including communications services, devices, IT services, data center systems and enterprise software. Fortunately, the pattern isn't... Read More >


Companies Struggle to Deal With Zero-Day Attacks

The daily drumbeat of breaches and cyber-security attacks has become overwhelming for business and IT leaders. Yet, despite all the news and information about attack methods and protection strategies, many organizations are still struggling to keep up with the risks and dangers. At the center of the problem: zero-day risks. A recently released report from CheckPoint Software Technologies, "Check... Read More >


Internet Outages Hurt Worker Productivity

Most employees must deal with Internet outages more than once a month, according to a recent survey from WiredScore. These outages result in a significant productivity hit, as the majority of professionals have to stop doing their work once they lose online connectivity. Given this situation, the reliability of Internet services should be a top priority when assessing an office facility. Most... Read More >


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