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Protecting Digital Identities and Devices

Over the last few years, news about data breaches and breakdowns has reached pandemic levels. In many instances, the culprit is the ubiquitous password, which is increasingly ineffective in protecting digital identities and securing digital devices. A new study conducted by identity and credential management firm Intercede U.S. offers insights into the problem—and the way consumers,... Read More >


Web Browser Flaws Are Huge Endpoint Security Issue

With the number of exploitable browser vulnerabilities growing, many IT decision-makers surveyed said this made security more difficult than any other issue. Read More >


The Sony Pictures Hack Changes Everything

What you need to know is that the recent breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment should—in fact, it must—change everything you previously assumed about security. Read More >


IT Pros Relish In-Demand Status, Tech Challenges

They work long hours. They're often in pursuit of the next great innovation. And due to an extended talent shortage, they're very much in demand in the job market. In this case, "they" are today's technology professionals, according to a recent survey from Harvey Nash. The accompanying report, "Harvey Nash Technology Survey: Disruptors & Disrupted—the New Tech Flux," reveals that IT... Read More >


The Good, Bad and Ugly of Office Holiday Parties

With December upon us, do you look forward to winter holiday celebrations at work—or do you dread them? If you're like many employees, you may feel a little bit of both. A number of companies sponsor gatherings that create scheduling conflicts for staffers. Or they host events that are on the dull side. And, of course, there's often the stress of dealing with co-workers who overindulge with... Read More >


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