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Risky Business Is the New Normal

The arms war between hackers and the business world continues to escalate. Although security tools and methods have improved dramatically over the last few years, cyber-attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, and almost every enterprise is now on high alert—especially after the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, which affected organizations around the world. Cyber-security firm... Read More >


How to Investigate, Contain, Recover From Breaches

Verizon's cyber-security report explores prevalent threats and common causes of data breaches, and outlines steps an organization should take to minimize damage. Read More >


Dealing With Email Security Threats

Although cyber-security issues seemingly become murkier by the day, one thing is very clear: Email is increasingly at the center of enterprise breaches. However, despite perceptions that these attacks mostly originate from the outside, many breaches are connected to internal glitches, breakdowns and problems, according to a February 2017 report from email security vendor Mimecast and Forrester... Read More >


The 10 Most Innovative Technology Companies

They drive in the IT fast lane, constantly speeding ahead with new advances that are profoundly changing data management, cloud computing, mobility, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), social media and even entertainment. And, according to a survey-based ranking from the Boston Consulting Group, they are the most innovative tech companies on the planet. The accompanying... Read More >


Hackers Use IoT Botnets to Launch Massive Attacks

The recent ransomware attack on an Austrian Hotel's room key system may have served as a wake-up call about the expanding risks introduced by the internet of things, but, as they say in show business, "You ain't seen nothing yet!" The emergence of IoT botnets has made fighting cyber-criminals even more difficult. An endless array of devices, many of which are equipped with little or no on-board... Read More >


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