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How Americans Feel About U.S. Tech Leadership

The majority of Americans who were queried believe the United States has established itself as a global technology leader, according to a recent survey from Modis. The accompanying report, "America Weighs in on the Current State of Tech," conveys generally positive impressions among survey participants about this topic, with many indicating that this tech leadership status will prevail for at... Read More >


Beginning a New Era of Technology Purchasing

The traditional approach to enterprise technology buying usually involved the IT department pulling the strings. But in a rapidly changing world—and an incredibly fast-moving business environment—that process is changing. Technology purchases are becoming more decentralized, cloud computing is becoming more prevalent, and the marketplace is becoming more fragmented. LinkedIn Marketing... Read More >


Cyber-Security and the Presidential Candidates

A year before the 2016 presidential election, cyber-security is already emerging as a key issue in debates and discussions, and voters can expect more to come. Read More >


Why IT Careers Are in Demand

Believe it or not, IT professionals are considered the folks with the cool jobs. In fact, the majority of non-tech employees said they'd consider a transition to an IT career, according to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology. Why? Well, in addition to the attractive salaries in technology, there's the promise of working on projects that invite innovation and intellectual stimulation,... Read More >


IT Pros Don't Expect Big Budget Boosts in 2016

While IT employees expect company revenues to continue to surge next year, they don't anticipate any notable increases in either the technology budget or their department's staffing in 2016, according to a recent survey from Spiceworks. The accompanying "State of IT" annual budget and tech trends report presents discouraging perspectives about prospects for the immediate future, with corporate... Read More >


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