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Malvertising and Ransomware Are Major Threats

Cyber-criminals are increasingly using sophisticated techniques to target their victims, including malvertising, crypto-ransomware and zero-day exploits. Read More >


DDoS Attacks Have Become a Persistent Problem

Over the last decade, distributed-denial-of-service attacks have grown from a nuisance to a persistent problem that can potentially cripple a company. The Kaspersky Lab reports that there were 12,281 unique victims of DDoS attacks during the first quarter of 2015, and these attacks targeted Web resources in 76 countries. A new report from security firm Imperva offers a deeper examination of the... Read More >


OKOrder Says 'Yes' to Sophisticated E-Commerce

A leading e-commerce company in China turns to a more sophisticated technology platform to ratchet up its e-commerce and analytics capabilities. Read More >


Employees Rate the Top Ten Tech Company CEOs

It takes a special breed of person to succeed as a tech company CEO. They must stay on top of the dizzying pace of technology change, while constantly making a solid business case for innovation. They need to lead a workforce of intelligent, distinctive and often nonconformist employees by demonstrating a unique vision for IT. They must find ways to sufficiently reward (either through pay, perks... Read More >


Malicious Macros Continue to Cause Damage

Although the methods used for malicious attacks constantly change and those in the crosshairs must continually adapt to new and changing tactics, some old and often forgotten approaches continue to do damage. One of these threats is the malicious macro. A new report from cyber-security firm Proofpoint—"How Does an Attack Technique Go from Antique to Blockbuster?"— examines these... Read More >


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