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Why IT Budgets Are Under a Microscope

As organizations begin to incorporate a growing array of digital technologies into the enterprise, while squeezing out maximum performance on legacy systems and applications, IT budgets are under the microscope. As a result, business and IT leaders are looking to put money to work in smarter and more effective ways. "2016 IT Budget Benchmark," a recently released report from best practice and... Read More >


The Pros and Cons of the On-Demand Economy

It's apparent that digital technology is impacting the world in numerous ways. However, one of the most profound and visible signs is how it's disrupting organizations and leading to entirely new business and work models. Consider this: The likes of Uber, UpWork and EatWith have introduced entirely new ways to work. In fact, these approaches wouldn't have been imaginable only a decade ago. A... Read More >


Will Digital Technology Destroy Jobs?

Breathtaking advances in technology have fueled the sluggish employment growth of the past decade, and the prospects for many types of jobs are bleak. Read More >


10 Amazing Predictions From Gartner

The next few years promise to extend the current digital revolution into uncharted territory, according to Gartner's recently published report, "Top Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond." It will, indeed, look like a "brave new world," thanks to continuing innovation on the part of IT teams and their organizations. Augmented reality will blur the real and digital universes, resulting in a... Read More >


Digital Disruption Was the Theme at Gartner's Expo

Thousands of executives attended the event to learn about digital disruption and transformation, future tech trends and the evolving role of IT and its leaders. Read More >


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