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Most IT Pros Get Modest Salary Increases in 2016

On average, IT salaries have increased only slightly this year, according to a recent release of survey and government-data-focused research from Janco. The resulting "2016 Mid-Year IT Salary Survey" also reveals that IT executives at both large and midsize enterprises received significantly higher percentage increases than their middle managers and IT staffers. In fact, these executives are the... Read More >


Is Ransomware Becoming an Epidemic?

News reports about growing waves of ransomware and organizations that have been infected by it are chilling. Over the last few years, companies—staring down the barrel of encrypted and inaccessible files, and an inability to conduct normal business—have been coerced into coughing up multimillion dollar sums in order to regain control of critical data. A new report from security firm... Read More >


The Top 10 Tech Company CEOs

What makes a great tech company CEO? They must have leadership qualities and vision, of course. Then, there's the ability to pump up employees' spirits—whether during a major presentation in an auditorium, a small gathering in a conference room or an impromptu exchange in the hallway—so they feel compelled to give their very best every day. In addition, they should be eager to engage... Read More >


Why the Digital Transformation Is Stuck in Neutral

The majority of IT decision-makers fear that their company may be losing ground to competitors in launching a digital transformation, according to a recent survey from Progress. The accompanying report, "Are Businesses Really Digitally Transforming, or Living in Digital Denial?" indicates that relatively few organizations are fully immersed in digital strategy programs. However, they realize that... Read More >


Is the Sharing Economy Ready for Prime Time?

Although the sharing economy is rife with pros and cons, it's clear this concept is moving forward. What isn't keeping up is government acceptance and support. Read More >


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