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IT Hits Roadblocks When Adopting New Technologies

While an overwhelming majority of technology professionals feel that the adoption of significant new technologies plays a key role in organizational success, many believe that these efforts aren't as successful as they need to be, according to a recent survey from SolarWinds. The report, "IT Trends Report 2015: Business at the Speed of IT," reveals that the acquisition and implementation of these... Read More >


NYU and DARPA Dive Deeper Into the Web

NYU received a grant from DARPA to develop more sophisticated methods to locate and explore hard-to-find information on the Web surface and on the deep Web. Read More >


The Pros and Cons of March Madness in the Office

It happens every spring: Literally millions of workers go online to fill out NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship tournament bracket selection sheets in order to take part in a March Madness office pool. There are mixed sentiments about these activities from a workplace perspective. Far more U.S. managers feel that March Madness has a positive impact on morale than those who feel the... Read More >


New Ransomware Attacks Could Surface This Year

A security threat report warns that new ransomware types have developed and are being distributed through email spam, malvertising and watering hole attacks. Read More >


Tech Industry Ranks High in Career Branding

The Top 100 Employment Brands report puts Google in the top spot and ranks the tech industry among the most successful in career branding for recruiting talent. Read More >


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