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Digital Disruption Was the Theme at Gartner's Expo

Thousands of executives attended the event to learn about digital disruption and transformation, future tech trends and the evolving role of IT and its leaders. Read More >


Consumers Blame Business for Breaches

Money matters are clearly uppermost in the minds of consumers worried about hackers. Credit cards and bank accounts were by far their top concern, according to Centrify's 2016 Consumer Trust research study, which surveyed 2,400 adults split evenly among the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Most of those surveyed see hacking as almost inevitable, but, even so, they hold businesses... Read More >


Cities That Offer Top Pay for In-Demand IT Skills

Did you ever wonder which cities offered the best salary packages for technology skills that are in great demand? If so, then you'll want to read the following list from Indeed's recent report, "Where Are the Highest Paying Tech Jobs in the U.S.?" The report ranks the 15 highest-paying IT positions with respect to the average adjusted salaries they command in 15 cities that are at the top of... Read More >


A Message About Speech

We're in the early stages of voice interfaces, but this message will soon come through clearly: Voice tools must be embedded in almost every system people use. Read More >


Employees Say Work Tech Tools Aren't Smart Enough

A significant number of employees around the world think the technology tools provided by their employer aren't smart enough, according to a recent survey from Dell and Intel. The resulting "2016 Future Workforce Study" reveals that many workers prefer the technology at their home to the ones they have on the job. Many of the survey respondents said IT-related issues create the biggest... Read More >


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