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Try Out-of-the-Cube Professional Networking

Good networking is easy networking. The challenge is to find new ways to interact with peers. Here are four networking ideas that go beyond a standard meet-up. Read More >


It's Time to Take a Stand Against Sitting

As health care insurance and medical costs continue to rise, businesses must begin addressing employee health and wellness issues in a more comprehensive way. Read More >


Analytics Tools Help China Deal With Air Pollution

The Chinese government is taking steps to deal effectively with the country's growing air pollution problem by deploying advanced analytics and other tech tools. Read More >


Top Qualities of World-Class IT Organizations

Do you think your IT organization has the right to be ranked "world class"? If so, that rating should be reflected in metrics such as the number of IT staffers employed and the need for fewer applications and platforms on a per-user basis, according to research from the Hackett Group. The accompanying report, "The World-Class Performance Advantage: How Leading IT Organizations Outperform Their... Read More >


IT Pros See Only Minor Salary Increases

IT professionals are seeing paltry gains in average compensation levels this year, according to recent research from Janco Associates and The accompanying report, the "Mid-Year 2014 IT Salary Survey," indicates that salaries are at the same level as they were in 2008, which is somewhat of a half-empty/half-full finding. On the positive side, it means that IT salaries are now... Read More >


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