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New Ransomware Attacks Could Surface This Year

A security threat report warns that new ransomware types have developed and are being distributed through email spam, malvertising and watering hole attacks. Read More >


Tech Industry Ranks High in Career Branding

The Top 100 Employment Brands report puts Google in the top spot and ranks the tech industry among the most successful in career branding for recruiting talent. Read More >


Ten Things You Should Know About Intel

The company was founded in 1968 by two ex-executives from Fairchild Semiconductor: a chemist named Gordon Moore and a physicist named Robert Noyce, who also happened to be the co-inventor of the integrated circuit. Together, they formed Intel, which is now the world's largest semiconductor company, with $52.7 billion in annual revenue and a nearly 15 percent share of the global market. In the... Read More >


Tech Wages Grew, but Not Enough to Keep Top Talent

While compensation for IT professionals rose in 2014, the increases amounted to a minor bump-up for the average employee, according to a recent survey from The findings reflect a half full/half empty state for the industry: Yes, most tech workers received raises, but many had to change employers to do so. And more are receiving bonuses. However, the vast majority of IT pros do not get... Read More >


The Ten Best Tech Jobs in America

Do you think you have the best IT job around? If so, you may want to check to see if your job made the following "Ten Best Tech Jobs in America" list from Glassdoor, compiled from the top 25 list of best overall jobs on the online career community site. The company came up with the ranking based on the following three key factors, which we've included below: earning potential, number of job... Read More >


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