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Is a Huge Infrastructure Breach Coming Soon?

The big one is on its way. At least, a majority of cyber-security professionals believe that the nation's critical infrastructure will be hit by a major breach within the next two years. Worse, they also believe the current state of cyber-defense at U.S. government agencies leaves them unprepared to respond. These represent the most alarming findings of Black Hat's latest report, "Portrait of an... Read More >


The Hottest Industries & Cities for Software Jobs

Would you believe that the technology industry isn't the fastest growing sector for software jobs? That's according to recent rankings from job site Glassdoor, which lists the fastest-growing industry segments and metropolitan areas for software professionals. Glassdoor compiled the rankings by identifying all job listings on its site containing the word "software" in its title: software... Read More >


The Cloud and Politics Are Growing Attack Triggers

Dominating the cloud and the world's political discourse apparently comes with a price. As the country that serves as the predominant location of cloud-hosted infrastructure globally, the United States has also become the epicenter of cyber-crime. An analysis of the "2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report" by NTT subsidiary Dimension Data found that the overwhelming majority of cyber-attacks... Read More >


Tackling Cyber-Attacks, Espionage & Cyber-Warfare

Cyber-attacks, including cyber-espionage and cyber-warfare, have emerged as huge risks in recent years. What's more, actor groups and the methods they use have become far more aggressive and sophisticated. In addition to stealing data and money—or disrupting systems and sites—their objective increasingly is to influence geopolitics. A new report from Trend Micro, "Two Years of Pawn... Read More >


IT Hiring Is Expected to Grow for the Rest of 2017

The already-hot job market for IT professionals is going to get hotter, according to a mid-year survey and forecast from Dice. Among recruiters who specialize in filling tech positions, a larger number anticipate the hiring of more tech pros over the next six months than the number who planned to hire near the end of 2016. These recruiters also indicate that it's taking longer to fill open IT... Read More >


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