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Will AI Go Nuclear?

Is artificial intelligence more dangerous than nukes? Could AI replace and even eradicate humans? Some experts say these possibilities are not that far-fetched. Read More >


11 Things You Should Know About the Cloud

Remember when Oracle CEO Larry Ellison famously dismissed the cloud as "complete gibberish"? Or the days when you'd mention cloud computing in casual conversation with a non-techy friend or family member, and they'd have absolutely no clue what you were talking about? Clearly, those days are in the past, as the cloud is now a mainstream technology that is considered essential for business.... Read More >


Hottest Industries and Cities With IT Jobs

While the technology industry employs the largest share of IT workers, sectors such as financial services, health care, manufacturing and retail also offer robust opportunities for IT professionals, according to recent research released by CEB. The accompanying report, titled "Seeing Through the Fog of the Talent War," also tracks top states and cities for tech job openings, and findings reveal... Read More >


Saving Money & Energy With Managed Print Services

Cleveland State University enters a managed print services contract to meet the state's mandate to reduce energy expenditures, but it also saves a lot of money. Read More >


Systems Admins Face Mounting Frustrations

Memo to all you IT users out there: Please give your systems administrators a break. Many IT admins feel overworked and underappreciated, according to a recent survey from Ipswitch. That's not surprising, especially when findings reveal that employee tech users frequently hit a figurative panic button to request an admin to come to their rescue—often without even rebooting their machine to... Read More >


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