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Using Data Science to Solve Society's Problems

In the Data Science Bowl, researchers work on real problems to develop solutions that will benefit society. This year's competition focused on heart disease. Read More >


Business Must Embrace and Master New Technologies

A report says that the majority of respondents think the pace of technology in their industry will grow at a rapid or unprecedented pace in the next three years. Read More >


Company Takes a Unified Approach to Fight Malware

HRI Properties, a real estate development and management firm, adopts a sophisticated, seven-layer approach to combat malware infections, including ransomware. Read More >


Computer Science Shouldn't Be an Afterthought

America is no longer a nation that's at risk of falling behind in science and engineering education. Rather, it's a nation that's falling further behind. Read More >


Growing Demand for Tech Pros Boosts IT Salaries

Average salaries for technology professionals grew by nearly 8 percent last year, and the number is now approaching six-figure levels, according to a recent survey from Dice, a leading careers site for technology professionals. IT employees in eight U.S. metro areas are already making six figures on average, with California's Silicon Valley companies paying their tech workers the most. Employees... Read More >


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