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How the Internet of Things Is Changing Everything

When it comes to the Internet of things (IoT), the numbers are staggering: By 2020, the number of connected devices is expected to double to 50 billion, according to industry research. More than two out of five enterprises are either currently leveraging IoT technologies or plan to do so this year. Overall, the economic impact of the IoT will amount to at least $14 trillion by 2025—if not... Read More >


Orange Gives a Green Light to Advanced Security

The Israeli telecom giant turned to an active breach detection system, which applies machine learning and behavioral profiling to identify attack behaviors. Read More >


Airport Connects With Travelers via WiFi & Beacons

Orlando International, one of the nation's busiest airports, adopted a more advanced WiFi and app infrastructure to help travelers navigate through the facility. Read More >


WiFi Mesh Network Offers Enhanced Communications

DOF Subsea, a provider of subsea solutions for the oil and gas industry, chose a wireless mesh network to improve communications and boost speed and efficiency. Read More >


Shutterstock Enhances Its Content Delivery Network

To ensure that its customers find what they're searching for quickly, Shutterstock relies on content delivery networks as an integral part of its architecture. Read More >


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