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Is a 'Re-enterprization' of IT Taking Place?

Deloitte Vice Chairman Paul Sallomi offers his perspective on the evolving state of IT consumerization and a growing countertrend toward 're-enterprization.' Read More >


Nine Questions to Ask About the Internet of Things

The age of the Internet of things has arrived: More than two out of five enterprises are either currently leveraging IoT technologies or plan to do so this year, according to research from ISACA. But these organizations will invite huge risks if they don't confront the potential cyber-security issues that are commonly associated with IoT deployments. To provide some guidance, ISACA has published... Read More >


Innovations in the IoT Marketplace

The Internet of things may be experiencing a period of hype, but it’s justified. Businesses are creating a lot of value with Web-connected sensors and devices. Read More >


The IoT Brings Opportunities and Security Concerns

The potential benefits of IoT are clear, but how do you ensure the security of the data moving from machine to machine or being accessed via corporate networks? Read More >


Storage and Networking Upgrade Cures Hospital Ills

A West Virginia hospital migrates to a storage and networking solution that helps improve overnight database back-up times and overall system performance. Read More >


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