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How Digital Strategies Create Network Challenges

As organizations expand their digital plans—often with highly ambitious goals—there's more pressure on IT departments to ensure that the network can support those efforts, according to a 2015 survey commissioned by Verizon Enterprise Solutions and conducted by Forrester Consulting. The resulting report, "Digital Transformation Powers Your Business," indicates that most companies are... Read More >


PGS Explores High-Performance Computing

A Norwegian petroleum and geo-services firm deploys supercomputing to improve processing of complex tasks, including generating clear three-dimensional images. Read More >


Mercy Takes a Healthy Approach to Technology

The health care system is moving to virtualized electronic health record systems and building out an IT infrastructure that provides availability and resiliency. Read More >


The IoT Brings Value to Multiple Industries

Whether it's monitoring aircraft engines, improving supply chains or keeping consumers informed about their food, the Internet of things is proving its worth. Read More >


ACL Live Uses Cutting-Edge Tech to Strut Its Stuff

The historic Austin, Texas, concert hall upgraded its IT infrastructure to take performance to a new level and position itself as a world-class venue. Read More >


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