Networking Archives


The Internet of Things Isn't a Slam Dunk

For the IoT to transform our lives, it must focus on real-world solutions and the ways that people—including employees and customers­—use connected devices. Read More >


Software-Defined Networking: Promises & Challenges

Software-defined networking has matured to the point where products, designed from the ground up, are being deployed, but not all vendors are at the same level. Read More >


University Takes Control of Its Network Security

Saint Martin's University, a private liberal arts school, takes a focused approach to network control and security, making the IT department more productive. Read More >


Financial Advisory Firm Invests in Security

Pioneer Investments, a global investment advisory firm, turns to a more sophisticated, multilayered defense-in-depth approach to boost security and compliance. Read More >


Obveratory Relies on Advanced Remote Monitoring

The world's deepest underwater observatory, the Aloha Cabled Observatory, relies on sophisticated IT systems to manage remote systems and a wave of data. Read More >


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