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How to Thrive on the Totally Transformed Google+

Forget everything you think you know about Google+. Now that it's about people's passions,  it's a better place for professional development and networking. Read More >


Beacons Take Flight at JFK Airport

One of the nation's busiest airport terminals uses beacons to gather data about passengers, lines and wait points, and displays that data on 13 large screens. Read More >


Bank Uses VPN to Streamline the User Experience

The Needham Bank deployed a more sophisticated VPN to improve help desk functionality and speed ticket resolution for secure, user-friendly remote access. Read More >


Why IT Is Investing in Software-Defined Networking

The vast majority of IT departments are moving forward with software-defined networking (SDN) initiatives, according to a survey from Riverbed Technology. The accompanying "Software-Defined IT Survey" report indicates that, through SDN, technology professionals are looking to increase the speed of applications and services delivery, while reducing errors and costs. Simply defined, SDN merges the... Read More >


How Digital Strategies Create Network Challenges

As organizations expand their digital plans—often with highly ambitious goals—there's more pressure on IT departments to ensure that the network can support those efforts, according to a 2015 survey commissioned by Verizon Enterprise Solutions and conducted by Forrester Consulting. The resulting report, "Digital Transformation Powers Your Business," indicates that most companies are... Read More >


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