Networking Archives


Network Provides Built-In Monitoring and Control

ASD Healthcare, a major pharmaceutical wholesaler, builds a global communications network to enable remote monitoring and boost the collection of critical data. Read More >


Revamped 'National Geographics Kids' Site Is a Hit

The transition to HTML5 made it possible for 'National Geographic Kids' to offer more robust, complex games and other multimedia content for its young users. Read More >


WLAN Scores Good Marks at an Alabama University

Jacksonville State University adopts a WLAN network that offers strong administration tools, enhanced interoperability with other IT systems and good security. Read More >


Supporting Remote Workers Is a Challenge for IT

In recent years, road warriors and individuals operating out of home offices have become a fixture in the business world. These remote workers help companies become more flexible and competitive, while participants often achieve greater work-life balance. However, providing the support needed to keep remote teams connected can present noteworthy challenges. A recently released study of... Read More >


LinkedIn Connects With a New Data Center

LinkedIn must develop new applications for its members that will drive higher margin revenues. To achieve that goal, the firm is adding a megascale data center. Read More >


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