15 Fast Facts about Apple

15 Fast Facts about Apple

15 Fast Facts about Apple

1. New Heights
Apple shares surpassed $300 in October 2010. By August 2012, it cost more than $660.

Apple is a perennial regular on most lists of admired companies, even though it sometimes takes heat for its mixed track record on international labor, the environment and anti-competitive business practices. Launched in 1976 with the Apple I personal computer motherboard, which sold for $666.66, its product line is now so wide-ranging that the company officially has removed the word "Computer" from its name. Today, that name is simply "Apple Inc." As much a consumer phenomenon as it is a business, Apple is the brain-child and legacy of the legendary tech genius, former CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs. Apple's reputation and history remain intriguingly complex. Jobs was as much admired for his passionate vision as he was criticized and feared for his demanding perfectionism. Jobs passed away in October of last year, but Apple's success continues. The company's annual revenues top $100 billion, and, in mid-August, its stock pushed the company’s value to $624 billion, which is the world’s highest. More than 360 retail stores sell iPods, iPhones, iPads and MacBook Pros. Here we provide some interesting facts about the world's most talked-about company.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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