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Pros and Cons of Wearable Tech in the Enterprise

The age of wearable tech is here—whether companies are ready or not. These devices already represent a $5 billion market, and that's expected to grow to $12.6 billion by 2018. (Google Glass alone is projected to sell 21 million units by that year.) Enthusiasm is building, as three-quarters of professionals surveyed said wearable tech would make them more efficient on the job, and one-third... Read More >


Airport Connects With Travelers via WiFi & Beacons

Orlando International, one of the nation's busiest airports, adopted a more advanced WiFi and app infrastructure to help travelers navigate through the facility. Read More >


Mobility Ratchets Up Risks

Mobility has created remarkable opportunities for business, industry and government, but it has also introduced growing risks. A new report from Aruba Networks, "Securing #GenMobile: Is Your Business Running the Risk?" reveals that the mindset of today's workforce is endangering security like never before. The examination of 11,500 workers in 23 countries found that security practices within many... Read More >


Wearables Will Be Routine in the Workplace by 2020

Wearables—Internet-connected eye wear, smartwatches and gesture-controlled devices—will become commonplace in both corporate and industrial settings by 2020. Read More >


Business Is Not Prepared for Mobile Malware

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is keeping up with the dizzying array of security risks. Not surprisingly, the mobile environment is increasingly at the epicenter of enterprise concerns. The sheer volume of malware is growing, and mobile attack methods and vectors are becoming more sophisticated. A recent report, "The State of Mobile Application Insecurity," conducted by Ponemon... Read More >


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