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Mobile Tech Creates Opportunities and Challenges

The rapidly evolving state of mobile technology requires companies to think seriously about how to integrate mobility into the entire fabric of an organization. Read More > Turns to Automation to Speed Up Processes

After outgrowing its existing IT infrastructure, chose a service automation solution to eliminate its tedious and time-consuming manual processes. Read More >


State Fair Park Connects With Wireless, Mobile App

One of the nation's leading operators of fairground events uses wireless capabilities and a smartphone app to link vendors and visitors quickly and easily. Read More >


Why Companies Suffer From Information Gridlock

Only a small minority of companies are making enough use of automated and collaborative tools to be considered champions of information mobility, according to a recent survey from Ricoh. The resulting report, which addresses information gridlock, indicates that a significant number of employees are considered mobile or remote workers, yet relatively few of them can access key business apps via... Read More >


How Connectivity Keeps Workers on Duty 24/7

Because technology has created a world in which we have constant access to information and communications, there really is no safe haven for professionals who would like to detach themselves from work-related tasks during their off-hours, according to a survey from ThinkingPhones. The resulting report, "The Constantly Connected Employee: Does the Workday Ever Really End?" indicates that most... Read More >


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