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Emerald Home Furnishings Gets Comfortable With BI

The company's business intelligence system saves it 40 to 60 hours a week. Its employees get better information, and they have access to it when they need it. Read More >


'Malvertising': Mobile Users' Main Malware Threat

Web ads that direct users to malicious sites or that have malicious code tripled as a threat factor during 2013, becoming the main threat to mobile device users. Read More >


Tips for Mitigating BYOD Security Risks

For all the benefits of BYOD, the practice also poses major threats to the security infrastructure. But you can employ a few guidelines to mitigate those risks. Read More >


Turning the Page on Network Performance

Halifax Media Group, a publisher of local newspapers, adopts an infrastructure-in-a-box approach to improve technology performance and cut costs significantly. Read More >


Companies Make Mobility a Business Enabler

Any organization that isn't taking mobility seriously risks getting left behind. Yet, surprisingly enough, there are still companies that practically pretend that mobile devices and BYOD (bring your own device) don't exist in the enterprise. They refuse to establish any policies or procedures to oversee the employee usage of these devices, according to a recent survey from Unisys. These companies... Read More >


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