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Powered by AI, Digital Agents Get Smarter

The ability to recognize natural language and learn from user input will help virtual assistants improve human-computer interactions significantly. Read More >


Mobile-Friendly CRM System Empowers Credit Union

A cloud-based CRM system designed for use on mobile devices and computers enables this credit union's employees to provide faster, better service to members. Read More >


Mobility Is a Key Driver of Digital Success

An advanced stage of mobility is emerging. Combined with the IoT, geolocation data and social, mobility is becoming the hub for all enterprise communications. Read More >


Unending Demand Creates Backlogs of Mobile Apps

The majority of technology professionals said their organization will want IT to build no less than 10 apps this year, while many others said they'll have to deliver 50 within that timeframe, according to a recent survey from OutSystems. The accompanying "State of Application Development 2017 Research Report" reveals that mobile functionality within apps remains of high interest among users and... Read More >


Have We Become a Nation of Smartphone Addicts?

It seems we've become a nation of smartphone addicts. Why? Well, many of us check these devices the moment we wake up, incessantly throughout the day and just before going to bed, according to a recent survey from ReportLinker. In fact, many admit to checking their phones in the middle of the night. Apparently, the lure of social media, the email in-box, photo apps and news sites is too tempting... Read More >


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