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Managing Mobile Devices Cost-Effectively

A mobile device management (MDM) solution enables Gilt Groupe Japan to manage its fleet of Apple devices, while meeting user needs and saving time and money. Read More >


Rio Airport Updates Network and Indoor Navigation

The official airport of the 2016 Summer Olympics upgraded its wired and wireless networks and launched a mobile app to enrich the experience of passengers. Read More >


Health Care App Saves Employees Time and Money

Team Select Home Care, a regional home health services provider, turns to a telemedicine provider to manage health care costs for its employees. Read More >


Tech Distractions Are Top Productivity Killers

Thanks to the Internet and the ubiquity of personal mobile devices, many employers believe that constantly distracted employees are costing them hours a day in lost productivity per worker, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. Most professionals never have their smartphone out of reach—or eyesight—at work. Many use their device to text, post on social media, check the... Read More >


Cloud and Mobile Synergy: The Impact on Automation

The combination of cloud and mobile-first development has changed the game for B2B automation, and the next wave of tech-driven productivity gains is upon us. Read More >


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