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Thermo Fisher Mobilizes Sales With Mobile Tech

A leading biotech firm revamps its approach to marketing and sales with mobile technology and a mobile content management platform that boosts collaboration. Read More >


Team Scores With Mobile App and Digital Publishing

The Buffalo Bills use a mobile app and advanced digital publishing methods to provide an interactive experience for fans, boosting their engagement levels. Read More >


First Utility Taps Into the Power of Mobile Tech

A strong focus on mobile technology has paid big dividends for this energy provider by helping it capture new customers while boosting loyalty and retention. Read More >


Mobile Tech Brings Medicine to Developing Markets

Life science companies will have the ability to offer access to medicines in developing markets by taking advantage of the newest mobile technologies. Read More >


'Appdiction' Changes How We Work, Play and Relate

The overwhelming presence of business and personal mobile applications in our lives has reached a state of "appdiction," according to a recent survey from the Apigee Institute and Stanford University's Mobile Innovation Group (MIG). Findings reveal that a significant number of smartphone users plan to spend even more time on their mobile devices than they already do, while also increasing the... Read More >


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