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Are Mobile Apps Secure?

There's no disagreement that mobile technology helps workers and their employers achieve enormous gains in productivity. However, as organizations migrate to mobile devices and practices, the need for robust security grows. What's more, mobile devices and apps represent very different cyber-security risks and dangers. A recent report from mobile data security and management firm Wandera,... Read More >


How Home-Office Workers Manage Their Tech Devices

The vast majority of home-office workers provide support for their own technology, rather than asking their employer's help desk for assistance, and, as a result, their working environment can be chaotic, according to a recent survey from Kensington. The resulting report, "Desktop Productivity and the Home Office Professional," reveals that remote and telecommuting professionals are constantly... Read More >


Why Companies Must Improve Their Mobility Efforts

A recent survey from Aruba conveys a half full-half empty impression about organizations' efforts to embrace mobility. On the positive side, the resulting "Mobility, Performance and Engagement" report indicates that a growing number of companies are enabling access to their networks from any mobile device, allowing employees to work anywhere. A significant number of them are also providing... Read More >


A Mobile-First Strategy Can Reimagine Business

Enterprises that adopt a mobile-first strategy can achieve transformative results, including improvements in customer loyalty, market share and productivity. Read More >


Testing Responsive Design on Mobile Devices

Mindful of the increasing number of its customers who access its site through smartphones, Simplyhealth enhanced its mobile application delivery. Read More >


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