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Mobile Trends, Drivers and Challenges

Business transformation isn't a buzzword, and nowhere is the concept more apropos than in the mobile arena, where advances and changes are taking place at a rapid and often disorienting rate. Enterprise software firm Aternity recently released its "2016 Mobile Playbook," which draws on industry research from VDC Research, Intellyx, ESG and others to explore how mobility is playing out in both the... Read More >


Mobile-First Strategy Boosts Sales Performance

WIV Wein, an international direct-sales company, turns to a mobile-first strategy to transition from a paper-based business to a digital business framework. Read More >


Managing Mobile Devices Cost-Effectively

A mobile device management (MDM) solution enables Gilt Groupe Japan to manage its fleet of Apple devices, while meeting user needs and saving time and money. Read More >


Rio Airport Updates Network and Indoor Navigation

The official airport of the 2016 Summer Olympics upgraded its wired and wireless networks and launched a mobile app to enrich the experience of passengers. Read More >


Health Care App Saves Employees Time and Money

Team Select Home Care, a regional home health services provider, turns to a telemedicine provider to manage health care costs for its employees. Read More >


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