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IT Needs Better Insight Into the Mobile Experience

The majority of business and IT leaders surveyed consider the enablement of a mobile workforce a top organizational priority. However, they added that they need better monitoring tools to understand and improve the end-user experience, according to research findings from Aternity. The company's "2016 Business Transformation and User Experience Trends Survey" reports that mobility and cloud... Read More >


Why Companies Want Employees to Use Custom Apps

Businesses are greatly increasing efforts to encourage their employees to adopt customized mobile apps, according to a recent survey from Apperian. The "2016 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report" reveals that nearly all the organizations surveyed are equipping salaried staffers with these apps, and many are doing the same for contract workers and business partners. Overall satisfaction levels... Read More >


Why Mobile Developers Have Great Job Opportunities

The majority of worldwide organizations are planning multiple—if not dozens—of mobile app projects, according to a recent survey from Progress. As a result, the hiring market is booming for mobile-specific developers. In addition, many companies are looking to outsource this function in order to get better and more affordable user designs. With typical mobile app projects lasting at... Read More >


6 Mobile Computing Tips for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads bet everything on their ability to connect and work from anywhere. Here are some tips, techniques and best practices every professional can use. Read More >


The SEC Takes Stock of Its Web & Mobile Strategies

Web and mobile modernization pays big dividends for the SEC, which was coping with growing traffic volumes on its Website and limitations on its infrastructure. Read More >


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