Mobility Archives


How to Keep Mobile Payments Secure

As the most tech-savvy players in the mobile payment ecosystem, the developers creating mobile payment apps must lead the charge on mobile payment security. Read More >


Surf Air Uses CRM to Help the Business Take Off

This members-only private airline turns to a sophisticated CRM approach to track prospects and existing clients and use that information in a strategic way. Read More >


How to Learn From a Phone Company's Mistakes

Forget about learning business lessons from Apple. It's time to take lessons from a smartphone company with a history of errors, blunders and bad decisions. Read More >


Mobile Etiquette Matters

We must remember that mobile etiquette isn't an abstract concept. How and where we use our devices impacts others, including our family, friends and colleagues. Read More >


Surrey's Citizens Get Answers From a Mobile App

The City of Surrey deployed a next-generation system that lets its citizens use an app to navigate through online content and obtain quick, accurate answers. Read More >


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