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The Strominator ruminates on the coming death of Microsoft's XP operating system. 

I had better results going to Office Depot’s Web site, which was fortunate because, as I said, the store is very close by. There you can quickly search on XP Pro and find a dozen models from several different vendors, including Sony and Toshiba, that come with this operating system. It is ironic that you have to go to a retail vendor’s site to find the details about a product that you can’t get on the actual vendor’s site. This should be a lesson for those of you designing Web sites, but I will leave that for another column and another day.

In fact, the major PC retailers have done a much better job at finding XP from their home pages─often a few mouse clicks is all it takes to narrow the field. BestBuy.com and CDW.com both will show you which models come with XP. In CDW’s case, they had nine results, but only two Toshibas were in stock.

So off we went to Office Depot. Amazingly, the Lenovo model they had on display was the sole laptop running XP, and it was one my friend liked. We had to deal with a salesperson who made several mistakes and tried to get us to purchase the extended warranty, but we left the store with product in hand.
Microsoft is making a mistake discontinuing XP to retail and corporate customers. Many people aren’t enamored with Vista, and I have heard from many corporate IT managers that are going slowly on its adoption. Buying a laptop is more of an issue because many vendors are making laptops that have network cards and other gear that doesn’t have XP drivers. If you have plans for major XP laptop purchases this year, spend the money now while you still have a choice.

This article was originally published on 2008-04-22
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