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Creating Value With Context-Aware Collaboration

1 week ago | by Guest Author

Integrating context-aware services with collaboration tools can improve the way companies share ideas, resolve issues and provide excellent customer service. Read More



  • Execs Clueless About Mobile Customer Experiences
    Business executives often think they're doing a much better job of creating positive mobile experiences for customers than they actually are, according to a recent survey from Mblox. The accompanying report, "Identifying the Care Gap in...
  • Emory University Adopts a Mobile App Strategy
    This leading research university turns to a mobile app strategy as part of a focus on digital information delivery and a more cost-effective IT infrastructure.
  • Are Employees Really Ready to Work on Mars?
    There's no doubt that technology is reshaping the way people think about how, when and where they work. In fact, in a recent survey, a significant number of Generation X and Generation Y professionals said they would be ready to move to Mars if...
  • Firms Face an Uptick in Mobile Security Breaches
    The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement has radically transformed the enterprise and has helped organizations achieve productivity and cost gains that were previously unimaginable. It also has led to happier,more engaged employees. But there's a...
  • Tablets Take Their Place as Essential Work Tools
    Tablets have emerged as standard work devices in most organizations, according to a recent survey from Dell. And, so far, these deployments are getting good reviews: Most IT decision-makers surveyed reported that tablets are meeting—if not...
  • Is IT Ready to Support Employees' Wearable Tech?
    Are you prepared to provide more enterprise investment—and IT support—to boost wearable technology adoption among employees? That day may be coming soon, as many professionals feel their companies should pay for wearable gadgets such as...
  • Finish Line Sprints Toward Customer Engagement
    A prominent footwear and athletic apparel retailer tackles customer engagement with a mobile app strategy that connects it with its core customers: Millennials.
  • IT & Business Leaders Disagree About Mobile Tools
    While IT department leaders said they provide a vast range of mobile tools to business-side employees, a surprisingly large number of those employees are unaware that the tools are available, according to a recent survey from The...
  • Taking a Therapeutic Approach to Collaboration
    Acorda Therapeutics turned to specialized file-sharing software to boost internal collaboration and connectedness, while ratcheting up security and IT controls.
  • Mobile IT Is Fueling a Productivity Boom
    The vast majority of organizations are benefiting from a mobility-driven productivity boom, according to a recent survey from Evolve IP. The accompanying "2014 Mobility and BYOD Survey" report reveals that mobility, telecommuting and...

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