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Vulnerabilities in Mobile Apps Worry Security Pros

4 days ago | by Tony Kontzer

As technology continues its breakneck pace of change, the threats keep evolving. Vulnerabilities in mobile applications are being increasingly exploited, and the Angler exploit kit is picking up... Read More



  • Key Trends in Business Mobility
    A report on mobile trends in the SMB segment covers Apple's dominance in this market, as well as the growing popularity of larger smartphones and phablets.
  • How Beacons Will Transform Your Office
    Extremely accurate indoor location technology isn't just for Facebook check-ins. It's going to transform the workplace—and much sooner than you think.
  • Limiting Mobile Access to Data Hurts Productivity
    While mobile file-sharing products boost team collaboration, a significant number of employees said they struggle to use these tools when working outside the office, according to a recent survey from Soonr. The accompanying report, "The Increasing...
  • Creating Value With Context-Aware Collaboration
    Integrating context-aware services with collaboration tools can improve the way companies share ideas, resolve issues and provide excellent customer service.
  • Most of Your Mobile Apps Have Been Hacked
    "It's all about the apps." We've all heard this increasingly popular catchphrase, which has become a part of the lexicon of today's mobile-crazed society. But whereas those five words were once a declaration of the value apps brought to smartphones,...
  • Mobile Devices Ratchet Up Security Risks
    Over the last few years, mobility has radically redefined enterprise IT. It has introduced new requirements, new demands, and the need for entirely new technology platforms and connection points. A recent report from Check Point Software...
  • Technologies Shaping Work and Home Life in 2015
    The technologies you should keep an eye on during 2015 include smart watches, mobile wallets, virtual assistants, biometrics, and smart homes and buildings.
  • Execs Clueless About Mobile Customer Experiences
    Business executives often think they're doing a much better job of creating positive mobile experiences for customers than they actually are, according to a recent survey from Mblox. The accompanying report, "Identifying the Care Gap in...
  • Emory University Adopts a Mobile App Strategy
    This leading research university turns to a mobile app strategy as part of a focus on digital information delivery and a more cost-effective IT infrastructure.
  • Are Employees Really Ready to Work on Mars?
    There's no doubt that technology is reshaping the way people think about how, when and where they work. In fact, in a recent survey, a significant number of Generation X and Generation Y professionals said they would be ready to move to Mars if...

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