Collaboration Archives


Collaboration Gets the Job Done at Staffing Firm

On Assignment needed a better IT framework for users, so it turned to a cloud-based 'crowdsolving' platform that supports social interaction and collaboration. Read More >


Service Desk Software Boosts Sales & Collaboration

Skyscanner, an online travel marketplace, deployed a squad collaboration structure and service desk software to deliver a world-class product to travelers. Read More >


NASA's NuSTAR Takes Collaboration Into the Stars

A cloud-based collaboration platform enables a global team of astrophysicists and other scientists to boldly go where knowledge sharing has never gone before. Read More >


How Collaborative Tech Transforms Organizations

A notable share of organizations are investing in a broad range of collaborative technologies—a move that is essential for building a comprehensive digital transformation, according to a recent survey from Dimension Data. The accompanying "2016 Connected Enterprise Report" reveals that many of these tools—such as desktop video, instant messaging and Web conferencing—are... Read More >


IT Must Be Marketing's Ally, Not Its Adversary

Though the IT and marketing departments have operated differently at times, when they work well together, it has a positive impact on the enterprise as a whole. Read More >


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