Collaboration Archives


The Social Business Gets Results

Social business is more than a collection of technologies. It's a fundamentally different way to approach strategic challenges and achieve desired results. Read More >


Indianaplis Speedway Races Toward Collaboration

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway migrates from an old PBX environment to a modern unified communications platform to rev up its collaboration capabilities. Read More >


Adoption of Software-Defined Networks Is Growing

The adoption of software-defined networks (SDNs) is growing rapidly in enterprises, according to a recent survey from Network Instruments. The accompanying report, the "Seventh Annual State of the Network Global Study," covers a wide range of IT topics, including the elevated profile of unified communications (UC) and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, but SDN is growing at a strong pace... Read More >


Fulton County Dials Up Mobile Connectivity

The county built a more flexible, powerful mobile framework that puts critical information in the hands of police, firefighters, building inspectors and others. Read More >


Smart Office Design Improves Employee Engagement

Does your company take a "smart space" approach to workplace design? If so, it will reap the rewards of higher productivity, innovation and employee engagement. Also, research shows that workers in well-designed offices are more likely to express job satisfaction and to describe their companies as innovative. Unfortunately, only one-quarter of U.S. employees work in the kind of optimal office... Read More >


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