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How Crowdsourcing Feeds Hungry Big Data Apps

Data collection is a bottleneck for many enterprises. To deal with this issue, many firms use crowdsourcing: engaging large groups of people to provide the data. Read More >


Social Business Is at the Center of the Enterprise

Social business is rapidly moving into the mainstream of the enterprise, and the IT organization must play a key role in creating an effective strategy. Read More >


IT & Business Leaders Disagree About Mobile Tools

While IT department leaders said they provide a vast range of mobile tools to business-side employees, a surprisingly large number of those employees are unaware that the tools are available, according to a recent survey from The accompanying report, "The State of Mobile Enterprise Collaboration 2014," reveals that technology is making it possible to share and update files, manage... Read More >


Taking a Therapeutic Approach to Collaboration

Acorda Therapeutics turned to specialized file-sharing software to boost internal collaboration and connectedness, while ratcheting up security and IT controls. Read More >


Eneco Puts Energy Into Employee Collaboration

A European energy company revamps communication and collaboration so that 3,500-plus employees can share project plans, contracts and many types of documents. Read More >


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