Collaboration Archives


Collaborative Tech Boosts Flexibility & Efficiency

Videoconferencing and collaboration tools enable Mimeo's employees to communicate and collaborate easily, thereby building a stronger, more cohesive culture. Read More >


Migrating to the Cloud Makes News Corp More Agile

The media giant turned to a cloud-based platform that increased collaboration and productivity in business units and with partners, and saved $100 million. Read More >


Cloud-Based Collaboration Drives Performance

The Berkeley Research Group, a global advisory and consulting firm, turned to a file-syncing and social collaboration platform to improve employee productivity.  Read More >


Why Companies Need Better Collaboration Tools

The vast majority of business leaders said their organization would greatly benefit if their employees could work more flexibly and collaboratively, according to a recent survey from Google for Work and Raconteur. The resulting report, "Working Better Together: A Study of Collaboration and Innovation in the Workplace," reveals that collaboration enhances planning, decision making and problem... Read More >


Chat Software Improves Employee Communications

RunKeeper deployed a Web service for chat and instant messaging to improve communications among its employees—whether they're in the office or on the road.  Read More >


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