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Advertising Opportunities

Our turnkey, custom advertising programs are available across our IT Business Edge and Networks. Create an integrated program to get the most out of your marketing budget:

  • Lead Generation - Our direct marketing veterans can take your white papers and sponsored content and tailor a program to the specific audience you desire. Our leads go through a verification process to ensure your lead quality is to your satisfaction. Beyond the standard verification, we also offer lead nurturing, scoring and sales-ready leads for your pipeline

  • Click Programs - With our cost-per-click programs, you provide us a link and we do the rest. Your message will be communicated across the network you are targeting via multiple media channels based on our years of experience in generating clicks that convert.

  • Custom Content Development - Partnering with our experienced network of editors, we can produce the exact content covering your specific product category. Whether you need a tech brief or an extensive white paper, our staff will work with your team from start to finish to create a product you can use to generate leads on our network. In addition, we can produce a live webcast using your content and expert speaker to promote to our audience.

  • Web Site Advertising - Leverage your current ad creative across our network of sites utilizing the standard IAB approved units. Along with the standard ad units you are familiar with, we have a menu of display units that we can customize using video and other interactive features. Our entire network supports rich-media advertising through third-party reporting.

To learn more about these opportunities, access our media kit to connect with your Sales Representative.