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Disaster Recovery Plan Guards City Infrastructure

The city of Mount Dora deploys a disaster recovery system to protect valuable public utilities from downtime that could devastate its critical infrastructure. Read More >


Remote Support System Helps Students and Faculty

Instead of being able to support only specific devices and apps, Boise State's help desk can now assist any user, regardless of the device or operating system. Read More >


How to Transition to Agile Software Development

Agile software development involves building software iteratively and incrementally. The results of early phases influence the planning of later phases. Read More >


How to Prepare Your Business for a Disaster

A year ago, when Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast of the United States, it reinforced the fact that disaster planning is an inherently difficult proposition. Businesses large and small were shut down for days or weeks as data centers went dark and networks failed. In addition, many organizations found that it was impossible to communicate effectively with employees, customers and... Read More >


Can Managed Services Enhance Your IT Operation?

These guidelines can help you determine which IT systems absolutely must be managed within your organization and which can be managed through alternative means. Read More >


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