Workforce Preview: What to Expect From Gen Z

Workforce Preview: What to Expect From Gen Z

Workforce Preview: What to Expect From Gen Z

Up Time  46% of Gen Zers connect online 10 or more hours a day.

Some of them aren't old enough to drive yet, but you shouldn't overlook the inevitable influx of Gen Z workers within the next several years. Currently between the ages of 13 and 18, these future professionals may bring the highest level of tech connectivity experience of any prior generation. At least, that's what findings from a recent Wikia survey reveal. The report, "GenZ: The Limitless Generation," indicates that many of these young people spend virtually every waking moment connected to a computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device. Such exposure is helping them cultivate collaborative and intellectual exploration skills that will deliver dividends to their future employers. "This generation is using technology in a way that is smarter, more involved and beneficial to their future," says Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikia. "Everyone can learn from the ways in which this unbounded younger generation interacts with technology and is able to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing media landscape." These are all skills that bode well for the future workforce. More than 1,200 Wikia users ages 13 to 18 took part in the research, which was conducted in association with Ipsos MediaCT.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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