What Employers Must Do to Land Tech Talent

By Dennis McCafferty
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    What Employers Must Do to Land Tech Talent

    What Employers Must Do to Land Tech Talent

    The competition for tech professionals is fierce, so employers must be prepared to offer above-average compensation, flexible hours and innovative projects.

As competition to recruit qualified technology professionals grows increasingly intense, a significant number of IT decision-makers reported that tech job candidates now expect a salary that is higher than the market average for their roles, according to a recent survey from Modis. The resulting report, "Tech Trends Survey: IT Leaders and the Employment Market," reveals that today's tech professionals are focused on salary and total compensation in evaluating potential employers. But they're also interested in less traditional benefits such as flexible hours and free meals and snacks. More importantly, these tech pros want roles that will enable them to create change in a company, while working on innovative products and projects. "With the [low] tech sector unemployment rate, the pool of available and skilled talent is smaller than ever," said Jack Cullen, president of Modis. "Today's employers need to be open to negotiation, and today's candidates need to be prepared to negotiate." The findings also shed light on a number of other tech topics—such as IT skills shortages and tech-related policy and political issues—and we've included some of those here. An estimated 500 IT decision-makers took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2016-09-29
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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