Touchdown! Ways IT Pros Are Like Football Players

Touchdown! Ways IT Pros Are Like Football Players

Touchdown! Ways IT Pros Are Like Football Players

Quarterback The CIO is the field general who has sharp leadership skills and anticipates challenges.

This is the time of year when many of us can't wait for the official kickoff of the football season. The exhibition games are already under way. Fantasy leagues (we know many of you take part, even scouting for players while taking work breaks) are scheduling their big draft nights. And, before long, we'll all have the nation's most popular sport to watch throughout most of the week. So, with football fever ready to take hold, the folks at ScienceLogic came up with the following list of the IT roles that most closely resemble seven football playing positions. Though sports metaphors can occasionally overreach, we found these to be as on target as a winning TD pass. (OK, we're sorry about that one!) "Successful football teams have players with complete visibility and control over individual plays, along with the intelligence to anticipate how each play will map back to the larger goal of winning the game," says David Link, CEO at ScienceLogic. "This same recipe for success is essential for an IT department: Visibility and control over IT assets can make or break an organization."

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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