Nine Signs That Your Star Employee Plans to Leave

Nine Signs That Your Star Employee Plans to Leave

Nine Signs That Your Star Employee Plans to Leave

Out-of-Office Response  She's constantly taking time off for just one day, often with little notice.

One-quarter of workers plan to change jobs this year or next, according to research from CareerBuilder. When those employees are designated office "stars," their loss hurts both your department and the overall organization. This is clearly a major issue for companies, as more than one-half of CEOs view the lack of availability of key skills as a potential threat to growth in 2013, and four out of five CEOs view the strengthening of employee engagement programs as a top priority, according to a survey from PwC. As indicated in prior features, the competition for top talent is heating up this year. But it's just as important—and maybe more important—to retain current employees, especially the most valuable ones. Given this, you may want to watch for the following red flags that one of your best staffers is planning an exit. The following surefire signs were compiled from expert advice from workplace resources such as Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions and the FastUpFront.com business blog.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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