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IT Staff and Leaders at Odds Over Job Performance

IT Staff and Leaders at Odds Over Job Performance

IT Staff and Leaders at Odds Over Job Performance

Shared Agenda
84% of IT professionals feel that performance management efforts are important.
94% of IT leaders agree.

There's a considerable difference of opinion between IT professionals and their bosses with respect to employee performance management, according to a recent survey from TEKsystems. Supervisors overlook poor performance for far too long, some IT pros say. And while managers generally do a decent job at clarifying expectations, they fall far short when it comes to evaluating staffers for advancement and aligning individual achievement with company strategies. There is even a significant share of tech workers who feel that favoritism among supervisors is contributing negatively to department operations. On the flip side, more than six out of 10 IT leaders say great performance is effectively addressed at their organizations. However, only 43 percent of their employees agree. More than 3,500 IT pros and tech leaders (including CIOs, IT directors and managers) took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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