Engaged Employees Are Motivated and Committed

Engaged Employees Are Motivated and Committed

Engaged Employees Are Motivated and Committed

On the Rise  40% of employees in North America are engaged, up from 33% in 2011.

Engaged employees are more likely to remain committed to their current organizations than colleagues who aren't. And these engaged professionals are highly motivated by work satisfaction and the potential for growth, as opposed to pure compensation considerations, according to a recent survey from BlessingWhite . (Although, to be candid, a good salary certainly helps.) The resulting "Employee Engagement Research Report" examines various characteristics of workers based on their commitment levels, and then classifies them into a number of categories, including these: the engaged workers; "honeymooners;" hard-working but wheel-spinning "hamsters;" "crash and burners;" and disengaged employees. Given how competitive the talent-recruitment picture is these days, managers who are struggling to hire and retain top talent will need to understand what drives professionals toward the positive ends of this spectrum. More than 7,000 employees worldwide took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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