Eight Ways to Do More With Less

Eight Ways to Do More With Less

Eight Ways to Do More With Less

1. Brad Smith, CEO, Intuit
Enforce the " two-pizza rule": Teams can be no larger than the number of people who can be fed by two pizzas. This keeps groups small and nimble for quick decisions.

If you've spent any time working in an enterprise, you've likely heard C-suite executives repeat the mantra, "Do more with less." (We know: It's easier to say this than it is to make it happen.) But the book The Laws of Subtraction: 6 Simple Rules for Winning in the Age of Excess Everything (McGraw-Hill) lends clarity to professionals who are charged with working faster, better and smarter—with far fewer resources than they had before. Author Matthew May contends that by carefully examining policies and processes, teams can eliminate inefficiencies and create better products and services by zeroing in on what they do best. To underscore these and other "addition by subtraction" points, Laws of Subtraction (LawsofSubtraction.com) includes the following insights from a variety of business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and authors. May is an innovation adviser with corporate clients such as Toyota, ADP and Intuit.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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