DevOps Teams Share Tech Tools, but Not Knowledge

By Dennis McCafferty
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    DevOps Teams Share Tech Tools, but Not Knowledge

    DevOps Teams Share Tech Tools, but Not Knowledge

    Development and operations teams are trying to work together for optimal DevOps performance, but a lack of free-flowing knowledge sharing limits their success.

A recent survey from Atlassian and xMatters presents a mixed bag of findings about the performance of today's DevOps teams. On the positive side, the resulting "XMatters Atlassian DevOps Maturity" report indicates that development and operations teams are sharing tools in a collaborative manner. They're using monitoring solutions to better predict potential issues before they have a chance to impact users. And, in most cases, they're able to track all four key components of digital business: infrastructure, apps and services, transactions and user experiences. However, very few claim to have completely free-flowing knowledge sharing. Nor can they conduct both continuous delivery and improvement in a way that allows them to eliminate rollbacks after they release apps. In addition, information delays remain a challenge in responding to incidents. "Companies are aware of the benefits of DevOps practices, and have largely laid the groundwork in culture and organization," the report states. "Development and operations teams share tools and information, but companies have been slow to move forward with their implementations. These companies need to address the gap between a ready culture and lagging functions." More than 1,000 global executives and team managers took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2017-05-09
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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