Corporate Executives Focus on IT's Shortcomings

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Improved Processes

    Improved Processes

    61% of executives recently surveyed want IT to improve the effectiveness of business processes, compared with 47% who felt that way in 2011.

It's encouraging that corporate leadership finally recognizes how much the IT organization can contribute to strategic objectives, but this increased visibility is putting pressure on the tech team, according to a recent McKinsey Global Survey report. Titled "IT Under Pressure," the report notes that corporate and business executives think IT needs to "up its game" by improving organizational business processes, cost efficiencies and decision making. Unfortunately, technology's ability to support these and other business goals is declining, according to survey participants. So, what's the solution? Among other initiatives, the IT budget must be reprioritized to better benefit business strategies. "More and more executives are acknowledging the strategic value of IT to their businesses beyond merely cutting costs," according to the report. However, they "are also homing in on the shortcomings many IT organizations suffer. Among the most substantial challenges are demonstrating effective leadership, and finding, developing and retaining IT talent." More than 800 global executives took part in the research, including professionals from both inside and outside the IT organization.

This article was originally published on 2014-04-22
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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