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Is There Still a Place for the Data Warehouse?

The data warehouse has outgrown its original purpose, but it can work with Hadoop in a unified effort to provide a road map for core BI and analytics systems. Read More >


Is It Time to Rethink Cyber-Security Strategies?

Despite the efforts devoted to thwarting cyber-attacks, the threats keep growing, and many question whether conventional methods are enough to protect a company. Read More >


How Tech Availability Gaps Hurt Business

The vast majority of IT decision-makers admit that their users have suffered from a technology availability gap, according to a recent survey from Veeam Software. The "2016 Veeam Availability Report: How to Close a Widening Availability Gap" defines these gaps as gulfs between what users require and what IT can deliver. Most survey respondents said that, in light of the expanding international... Read More >


How APM Helped Create a Great Digital Experience

Focusing on digital performance and using an application performance management system has enabled Stilnest to make exceptional customer experiences a priority. Read More >


Why Employees Need Better Automation Tools

IT does a good job overall of supplying the business with solutions and incorporating policies that support productivity, but there's still room for improvement, according to a recent survey from Samanage. The accompanying "State of Work Survey Results" report reveals that far too many workers spend significant portions of their day completing manual tasks that they feel should be automated. Only... Read More >


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