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Cloud Adoption Grows, But Obstacles Remain

One of the key findings of a recent global cloud adoption study reveals that only 3 percent of organizations have optimized cloud strategies, although nearly 70 percent use some form of cloud. The biggest drivers fueling cloud adoption include cloud-native applications for security and the internet of things (IoT). Companies with the most advanced cloud strategies report, on average, $3 million... Read More >


Why Employees Are Bored, Fed Up and Disengaged

Most U.S. workers are not engaged at work, according to a recent survey from Rapt Media. The resulting report, "U.S. Employees: Detached, Disengaged and Disenchanted," indicates that companies are out of touch with employees' expectations of their employer. For starters, most professionals do not feel their employer did a good job onboarding them, and they believe that their leaders are generally... Read More >


How Digital Transformation Will Change Everything

The majority of global executives believe that the rapid pace of digital transformation will change nearly every aspect of the way we work, according to a recent survey from Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work and Roubini Global Economics. The resulting report, "The Work Ahead: Mastering the Digital Economy," indicates that this technology revolution may take only a few years to take hold.... Read More >


Why Access Management Is Security's Weak Link

Over the last decade, network access has become far more complex. A multitude of systems and devices—interconnected through mobility and clouds—has transformed the way data flows through the enterprise and to other organizations. Unfortunately, this has ratcheted up security risks. A study conducted by BeyondTrust, "IT Needs More Control Over Network Access Privileges," offers some... Read More >


Contextual Mobile Services: How Ready Are You?

Contextual mobile services harness real-time, context-relevant data to provide a personalized service driven by an individual’s needs at any given time. Read More >


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