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DevOps Teams Share Tech Tools, but Not Knowledge

A recent survey from Atlassian and xMatters presents a mixed bag of findings about the performance of today's DevOps teams. On the positive side, the resulting "XMatters Atlassian DevOps Maturity" report indicates that development and operations teams are sharing tools in a collaborative manner. They're using monitoring solutions to better predict potential issues before they have a chance to... Read More >


Cyber-Crime, Vulnerabilities and Spam Skyrocket

Data breaches skyrocketed in 2016, when cyber-attackers stole more than 4 billion records— exceeding the combined total from the two prior years. That alarming statistic comes from IBM's "X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2017," which is based on observations from more than 8,000 monitored security clients in 100 countries, as well as from data derived from noncustomer assets such as spam... Read More >


The Ideal Cloud Environment Remains Elusive

For many companies, cloud deployment is routine—a standard operating procedure. The vast majority, in fact, have invested in multiple cloud environments. However, according to a recent survey from Dimension Data, very few organizations can deliver individual business functions throughout all these environments in a seamless manner—which is the idealized version of the hybrid cloud.... Read More >


Mobility Is a Key Driver of Digital Success

An advanced stage of mobility is emerging. Combined with the IoT, geolocation data and social, mobility is becoming the hub for all enterprise communications. Read More >


What Does It Take to Build a Winning Work Culture?

A strong, vibrant workplace culture nearly always leads to high employee engagement, while a weak one usually results in poor morale, low productivity and high turnover. Why do some organizations' cultures thrive while others fail? A recent survey from CultureIQ provides some insight. The resulting report, "Building a High-Performance Culture: Key Lessons from Top Cultures for 2017,"... Read More >


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