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Frontier Profits From Robust Identity Management

A major communications firm turned to more robust identity management to simplify logins and boost security, revamping its systems and practices in the process. Read More >


IT Focuses on Application Performance Management

Enterprise success increasingly revolves around applications. They are the hub where data, software code and connected technologies meet—and where business value is generated. But today's IT environments require a highly elastic and adaptable foundation in order to accommodate constantly changing conditions. Too often, the underlying elements are only loosely aligned, and that's a situation... Read More >


E-Discovery Traps: How to Spot—and Avoid—Them

Responding to an e-discovery request without proper counsel and expertise can have a major financial impact and delay proceedings. Here's how to avoid blunders. Read More >


Why Companies' Digital Strategies Are Failing

A significant number of executives and managers believe that their organization lacks a clear and coherent digital strategy, according to a recent survey from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Digital. The resulting report, "Strategy, not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation," identifies strategy as the key driver of success in the digital arena. It warns that conservative companies... Read More >


Why IT Needs Better Tracking of Cloud Usage, Costs

While the vast majority of IT organizations have either already adopted or are pursuing the cloud, comparatively few give themselves high grades when it comes to tracking cloud usage and costs, according to a recent survey from Cloud Cruiser. The resulting report, "Managing the Business of Cloud," indicates that a notable share of organizations have migrated a significant portion of services to... Read More >


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