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Ten Tech Trends to Enhance Business and Innovation

Deloitte's report includes five disruptive and five enabling technologies that offer the opportunity to expand IT capabilities, operations and business models. Read More >


Tips for Building Successful Virtual Teams

Nearly nine out of 10 professionals surveyed conduct at least one-quarter of their work-related activity virtually. That means workers must understand how to thrive in an environment where they often don't interact face to face with colleagues with whom they share work. Other issues they must deal with in a virtual environment include an inability to read nonverbal cues, a lack of rapport and... Read More >


What Gives IT Leaders Nightmares?

Some issues that plague CIOs include balancing limited budgets with increasing demands, keeping up with the latest tech trends and finding the right staff. Read More >


The Top Ten CEOs at U.S. Tech Companies

They're constantly seeking opportunities for global expansion, while still paying careful attention to company matters closer to home. They are extremely wealthy—frequently hobnobbing with world leaders and A-list celebrities—but many of them have lunch with employees in the corporate cafeteria. Some have traditional technology backgrounds, but others came up through business... Read More >


Firms Need Expert Strategies for Backing Up Data

With much of the East Coast battered by a series of epic storms this past winter, it's likely many IT executives have had business continuity and disaster preparedness on their minds. That's a good decision, as it's likely that their data backup efforts need a boost. Recent survey findings from cloud storage provider TwinStrata indicate that companies are plagued by backup issues— even when... Read More >


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