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2017 Technology Trends to Watch

Here are five tech and business trends to watch this year: artificial intelligence, internet of things, cyber-security, mobile-first and predictive analytics. Read More >


Why IT Professionals Are Feeling Less Confident

Tech professionals are heading into 2017 with a lackluster confidence in IT operations, according to a recent survey from Intermedia. The resulting "2016 IT Confidence Index" report indicates that overall confidence levels are barely above levels of high concern. In exploring specific areas of tech operations, survey respondents express significant doubts about the way their organization manages... Read More >


Agility & DevOps Are Key to Digital Transformation

The majority of organizations are expected to increase their adoption of agile frameworks within the next two years, according to a recent survey from Unisys. The resulting report, "Overcoming Enterprise Agility Challenges in Digital Transformation," examines how companies are pursuing a number of technology and business process improvements, including DevOps, as well as a broader digital... Read More >


Cyber-Attackers Target IP Assets

The state of cyber-security has gone from bad to worse over the past couple of years. Not only are threats increasing in both frequency and intensity, they're also becoming more dangerous and costly. A recent study conducted by Deloitte, "Cyberattackers And Your Intellectual Property: Valuing and Guarding Prized Business Assets," delivers some insights into the current state of cyber-affairs. The... Read More >


Cloud Services Elevate the Profile of DevOps

The widespread adoption of enterprise cloud services represents a double-edged sword: While this new generation of cloud platforms and solutions brings with it a wide range of business value, it also introduces significant complexity. This reality has led directly to the growing profile of DevOps within organizations as more hours are devoted to maintenance, monitoring and operations. In fact, a... Read More >


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