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It's Time to Raise the Profile of Security

Has information security outgrown IT? According to a report from HP, it's possible. The size, scope, severity and frequency of cyber-attacks have raised the profile of security teams to a new level, as evidenced by recent attacks against the likes of Anthem, Sony, Staples and JP Morgan Chase. As a result, cyber-security has evolved into a boardroom concern that calls for it to become a strategic... Read More >


Greyhound Rolls Forward With an IT Transformation

The iconic bus transportation company revamps its IT architecture in a multiyear initiative to accommodate an increasingly demanding business environment. Read More >


Considering IT Reshoring? Think About Rebalancing

Forget the political noise: The location of your IT workforce should be driven by decisions that meet your organization's priorities and enable your business. Read More >


Why Wireless Networks Fail

By 2017, there will be five connected devices for every Internet user, according to industry projections. This puts a lot of pressure on IT teams setting up WiFi networks that provide outstanding performance and uninterrupted availability. Rising to the challenge, however, doesn't always involve an expensive IT upgrade. In fact, WiFi network capabilities are often greatly influenced by non-tech... Read More >


Is a 'Re-enterprization' of IT Taking Place?

Deloitte Vice Chairman Paul Sallomi offers his perspective on the evolving state of IT consumerization and a growing countertrend toward 're-enterprization.' Read More >


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