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IT Pros Spend Much of the Day Handling Emergencies

It's no secret that IT professionals have to cope with many unexpected situations during the workday. Unpredictability comes with the territory as digital enterprises become more sophisticated and complicated. But what might be surprising is the amount of time those unplanned activities consume every day: almost one-third of working hours. That's among the key findings of "The 1E 2017 IT Incident... Read More >


Data Management Is Key to Digital Transformation

Digital technologies generate massive amounts of data. And, as business and IT executives know, managing the resulting information is a growing challenge. There's a need to build out IT systems and ecosystems that use data and information to create more efficient processes. However, many organizations are falling behind the curve, or haven't taken significant steps to address information... Read More >


As DevOps Grows, Automation Is Key to App Security

IT organizations continue to struggle with breaches, which have risen sharply over the past three years. Yet during the same period, the use of secure components has remained flat, suggesting that more organizations must improve their applications' security posture. Those are some of the key findings of the "2017 DevSecOps Community Survey," which included 2,292 IT professionals in the United... Read More >


How Organizations Expect to Benefit From AI

The majority of companies surveyed have adopted some form of artificial intelligence, and they plan to significantly increase their investments in this technology for the foreseeable future, according to a recent survey from Tata Consultancy Services. The resulting report, "Getting Smarter by the Day: How AI Is Elevating the Performance of Global Companies," indicates that IT teams are making the... Read More >


How Bad Hiring Decisions Hurt Companies

The vast majority of small and midsize businesses run into problems when they begin to hire people, with many encountering unexpected complexities along the way, according to a recent survey from Robert Half. As a result, most have made a bad hire at one time or another, wasting literally dozens of hours to bring these candidates on board and get them up to speed on their job roles and... Read More >


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