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How IT Deals With the Fatigue of On-Call Teams

IT professionals who are part of an on-call team can expect to spend a week at a time working that shift, and an increasing number of those employees are experiencing fatigue as a result, according to a survey from VictorOps. The resulting "State of On-Call" report indicates that far too many tech issues turn out to be false alarms. And when there is a real problem, it often requires more than... Read More >


How to Put Storage Automation to Work

In today's data-centric world, storage automation is a critical tool for organizations. However, provisioning and deploying automation tools and technologies is an increasingly challenging task. It typically involves launching and configuring Web servers, deploying clouds, stopping and restarting services, creating new accounts, and handling RAID grouping and drive sparing requirements. A recent... Read More >


Why Are Companies' IT Transformations Lagging?

The challenges of migrating to a digital business and IT framework are daunting. Today's fast-moving environment requires new information technology systems, different thinking and entirely new skills. A recently released report from Dimension Data and the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, "Crossing the Transformation Divide: What Frontline IT Workers Need to Make the Leap,"... Read More >


The Top 9 Tech Trends for 2016

Collectively, they represent the innovations that have the greatest potential to make a profound impact on enterprises—and society—for this year and beyond. They are the "Top Nine Technology Trends for 2016," presented annually by the IEEE Computer Society. The trends are all about speed (as in 5G mobile networks) and power (the Internet of things [IoT]} and artificial... Read More >


How to Unlock the Value From Big Data

Enterprises that deploy analytics to obtain deep insights boost the odds for success, but ones that stumble may find their organization reeling or even failing. Read More >


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