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Why Having a Digital Strategy Is Vital to Business

Digital technology now touches every corner of the enterprise, but regardless of the tools used, the end goal is to enable people to perform their jobs better. Read More >


Why Bad App Testing Drives IT Buggy

The vast majority of IT organizations frequently encounter bugs as a result of incomplete and/or flawed app testing, according to a recent survey from ClusterHQ. For some tech professionals, that's turning into a daily occurrence. As a result, development team members spend too much time debugging app errors instead of innovating. The leading causes of these issues include the presence of... Read More >


DevOps and Security Teams Are Still in Silos

In theory, a DevOps culture stressing communication between software developers and IT operations professionals can improve application security by enabling organizations to find and fix issues more frequently and earlier in the process. In practice, however, security often takes a back seat to speed and innovation during software development, especially with the growing emphasis on rapid... Read More >


Why IT Budgets Are Under a Microscope

As organizations begin to incorporate a growing array of digital technologies into the enterprise, while squeezing out maximum performance on legacy systems and applications, IT budgets are under the microscope. As a result, business and IT leaders are looking to put money to work in smarter and more effective ways. "2016 IT Budget Benchmark," a recently released report from best practice and... Read More >


Creating a Positive Environment for Remote Workers

The four walls of the enterprise have all but disappeared as digital technology has taken hold. Today, about one-quarter of U.S. employees work remotely at any given moment, and that figure is expected to rise further in the months and years ahead. This, of course, is driving profound changes in the business world—and in our culture. A recent study from unified communications provider West... Read More >


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