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Security Gaps Open the Door to Cyber-Criminals

Despite clear evidence of the huge price of external cyber-attacks, both in terms of mitigation costs and reputation, organizations continue to short-change this key security area. A new study from the Ponemon Institute, "Security Beyond the Traditional Perimeter," states that companies don't have enough staff or sufficient technology to keep up with external threats, and they are not doing... Read More >


How IT and Business Decision-Makers Align on Tech

IT and business decision-makers are very close in agreement about the strategic technology direction for their organization, according to a recent survey from Dell. The resulting "Dell State of IT Trends 2016" report indicates that both technology and business leaders are taking a long-term view with regard to the strategic direction of IT and are mapping out plans at least three years in... Read More >


Why Do So Many Digital Transformations Stall?

While IT decision-makers and office workers believe that the rapid completion of a digital transformation is critical, both feel that their organization isn't making this transition quickly enough, according to a recent survey from Sungard Availability Services. The resulting report, "Tame the Bear," indicates that IT decision-makers think they're not transforming the business at the speed that... Read More >


Mobile Trends, Drivers and Challenges

Business transformation isn't a buzzword, and nowhere is the concept more apropos than in the mobile arena, where advances and changes are taking place at a rapid and often disorienting rate. Enterprise software firm Aternity recently released its "2016 Mobile Playbook," which draws on industry research from VDC Research, Intellyx, ESG and others to explore how mobility is playing out in both the... Read More >


CIOs Are Confident Their Staff Can Meet Challenges

With tech departments now expected to make valuable contributions to business strategies while continuing to satisfy nuts-and-bolts operational IT needs, CIOs and other tech leaders expressed considerable confidence in their staff's ability to successfully tackle these challenges, according to a recent survey from TEKsystems. The resulting midyear "Reality Check" report indicates that both tech... Read More >


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