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What Companies Must Do to 'Keep the Lights On'

A comprehensive business continuity plan involves technology, processes and people, and it's essential to keep customer trust and avoid financial losses. Read More >


IT Departments Struggle to Attain Cyber-Resilience

Cyber-resilience—the ability of an organization to withstand and effectively respond to cyber-attacks—is widely recognized as a critical capability amid an ever-expanding universe of threats. Yet most organizations are ill-equipped to make themselves cyber-resilient. That ominous disconnect is the overarching takeaway from a recent survey of IT and security executives, "The Resilient... Read More >


How Corporate Boards Feel About the IT Department

If you're seeing your CIO in a spiffy suit more often these days, it may be because he or she is meeting more frequently with corporate board members. These company directors are getting more involved in a wide range of technology issues, focusing on both the long-term strategic value of tech investments and the potential for risk, according to the most recent annual survey of corporate directors... Read More >


How to Fix Troubled Work Teams

Does your team's performance resemble the four-time Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970s? Or is it falling flat on its face, like the winless 2008 Detroit Lions? If your staff has more in common with the Lions, it's time to "coach up" your team. Fortunately, a section of the recent book Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that... Read More >


Why IT Is Investing in Software-Defined Networking

The vast majority of IT departments are moving forward with software-defined networking (SDN) initiatives, according to a survey from Riverbed Technology. The accompanying "Software-Defined IT Survey" report indicates that, through SDN, technology professionals are looking to increase the speed of applications and services delivery, while reducing errors and costs. Simply defined, SDN merges the... Read More >


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