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The Cyber-Security Industry Must Be More Realistic

The reason post-attack incident response wasn’t a market until recently was blind optimism. Firms assumed that with enough resources, they could stop breaches. Read More >


How Companies Thrive in a Connected Economy

With digital disruption threatening revenue streams, a significant number of organizations are pursuing what's called "connected economy" initiatives, according to a recent survey from the Harvard Business Review and IBM. The resulting report, "The Ecosystem Equation: Collaboration in the Connected Economy," defines a connected economy (CE) as one that creates value through technology-enabled... Read More >


Should We Prepare for the Death of the Password?

Since the earliest days of computing, organizations and individuals have relied on passwords to protect systems and crucial data. Unfortunately, in an era of connected networks and devices—and with growing concerns and consternation about security and privacy—user names and passwords are facing a growing backlash. Data breaches, breakdowns and full-scale cyber-meltdowns are on the... Read More >


Making Sense of Today's Cyber-Threat Landscape

"Cyber-crime is big business," notes a recent Trustwave Global Security Report. "We hear it so often that the words threaten to lose their impact." Nevertheless, there is a very real impact. The security solutions provider reports that a malware campaign can earn a mind-bending U.S. $84,100 in profit on an investment of merely $5,900. This amounts to an ROI of 1,425 percent—and typically... Read More >


Innovation Will Drive Growing IT Budgets and Staff

IT budgets and staff are expected to grow this year, according to a recent survey from the Hackett Group. The accompanying report, "The CIO Agenda: Balancing Risk, Cost and Innovation," explains that innovation is driving much of the spending increases, as many executive leaders consider that their top strategic priority. To achieve business objectives, these leaders said, IT must have the... Read More >


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