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University Is More Efficient With Asset Management

The University of San Francisco turned to asset management to generate reports with detailed asset data, giving it a clearer picture of needs moving forward. Read More >


Helping Employees Deal With Organizational Change

The vast majority of professionals say organizational change stresses them out, according to a recent survey from Eagle Hill Consulting. The accompanying report, "Across Generations. Change is Change. People are People," reveals that there are differences of opinion between employees and executives as to whether leadership is committed to successful transitions. Workers vastly prefer a more... Read More >


Mobile IT Is Fueling a Productivity Boom

The vast majority of organizations are benefiting from a mobility-driven productivity boom, according to a recent survey from Evolve IP. The accompanying "2014 Mobility and BYOD Survey" report reveals that mobility, telecommuting and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives are now ubiquitous, and a great many companies provide smartphones and tablets to their employees. Though many workers admit... Read More >


IT Automates Processes to Achieve Business Goals

As digital technology unfolds and businesses look to boost efficiency and productivity, there's a growing emphasis on automating processes, workflows and various connection points. A newly released study conducted by automation software firm PMG indicates that strained corporate IT departments are increasingly eyeing automation technology as a way to meet business objectives. However, the "2014... Read More >


IT Increases Budget for Quality Assurance, Testing

Organizations are investing a greater percentage of the overall IT budget in quality assurance (QA) and testing, according to a recent survey from Capgemini. Published in conjunction with HP, the accompanying "World Quality Report" reveals that this trend is directly benefiting innovation, as most of the spending is funding new development work rather than maintenance needs. This means tech... Read More >


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