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IT Lacks Tools and Support to Meet Business Needs

What does it take for the IT organization to get its due from the business side of the company? As reported in a variety of survey-based content on Baseline, the tech department must emerge as an impact-making contributor to business objectives designed to help the company compete successfully. But a majority of business-side managers apparently "haven't gotten the memo," judging by results of a... Read More >


IT Must Undergo a Makeover in 2014

IT is focusing on three areas in 2014: redefining IT's value to the enterprise, developing architecture and data analytics capabilities, and realigning talent. Read More >


Investments in Security Don't Keep Pace With Risks

These days, it's nearly impossible to open a newspaper or peruse a business or technology Website without reading about a serious security breach at a company, university or government agency. According to a new survey report from Turnkey Consulting, "A Risk Perspective on 2014" (see slides below), fraud and data loss are growing more prevalent. Unfortunately, a significant number of IT... Read More >


Ten Tech Trends to Enhance Business and Innovation

Deloitte's report includes five disruptive and five enabling technologies that offer the opportunity to expand IT capabilities, operations and business models. Read More >


Tips for Building Successful Virtual Teams

Nearly nine out of 10 professionals surveyed conduct at least one-quarter of their work-related activity virtually. That means workers must understand how to thrive in an environment where they often don't interact face to face with colleagues with whom they share work. Other issues they must deal with in a virtual environment include an inability to read nonverbal cues, a lack of rapport and... Read More >


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