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Collaboration Gets the Job Done at Staffing Firm

On Assignment needed a better IT framework for users, so it turned to a cloud-based 'crowdsolving' platform that supports social interaction and collaboration. Read More >


Data Breaches Increase in Frequency and Ferocity

Cyber-security is now on every organization's radar. Yet, even with increasing awareness, the number of breaches and breakdowns seems to be increasing. The Verizon "2016 Data Breach Investigations Report," which studied more than 100,000 incidents at organizations in 82 countries and across almost every industry, offers insights into the evolving space, including how mobility and the Internet of... Read More >


Why Companies Must Improve Their Mobility Efforts

A recent survey from Aruba conveys a half full-half empty impression about organizations' efforts to embrace mobility. On the positive side, the resulting "Mobility, Performance and Engagement" report indicates that a growing number of companies are enabling access to their networks from any mobile device, allowing employees to work anywhere. A significant number of them are also providing... Read More >


What Keeps IT From Working on Innovative Projects?

IT professionals spend far more time on the job responding to help-desk and troubleshooting needs, going to meetings and tending to administrative tasks than they do on creative and design projects, according to a recent survey from Kensington. The resulting report, "Voice of IT Report: IT Professionals 2016," indicates that, even in this age of innovation, organizations have not empowered their... Read More >


How Predictable Disruption Can Benefit Your Firm

As a result of ecosystem disruption, companies are changing business models, restructuring business and IT strategies, and reinventing products and services. Read More >


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