Both Men and Women Report Pay Bias

By Deborah Rothberg  |  Posted 2006-07-12 Email Print this article Print


Re-Thinking HR: What Every CIO Needs to Know About Tomorrow's Workforce

Thirty-five percent of female workers and 8 percent of males say they are paid less than their equally qualified and experienced counterparts, cites a new survey.

According to a gender pay survey released July 12, 35 percent of female workers say that they are paid less than men in their workplaces with similar experience and qualifications.

This number has grown 4 percent since the company's 2003 "Men and Women at Work" study.

Younger female workers reported fewer instances of pay disparity in the survey, with 30 percent of females aged 21 to 35 responding that they were paid less than equally qualified males.

In the 36- to 50-year-old bracket, 35 percent reported lower earnings than their male counterparts, as did 43 percent in the 51- to 65-year-old bracket.

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