The 10 Most Innovative Technology Companies

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    The 10 Most Innovative Technology Companies

    The 10 Most Innovative Technology Companies

    These tech companies come out on top when it comes to innovation and matching tech advances with business savvy. Find out about their latest breakthroughs.

They drive in the IT fast lane, constantly speeding ahead with new advances that are profoundly changing data management, cloud computing, mobility, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), social media and even entertainment. And, according to a survey-based ranking from the Boston Consulting Group, they are the most innovative tech companies on the planet. The accompanying report, "The Most Innovative Companies 2016," also features revealing survey findings about key success factors here: 78 percent of companies that are considered "strong" innovators develop new projects and ideas for growth from internal resources, while only 33 percent of companies that are considered "weak" at innovation do that. Strong innovators are also much more likely to come up with these projects and ideas via competitive intelligence, strategic partnerships, incubators and customer suggestions (and even complaints). They're also much more inclined to leverage company and proprietary data to drive innovation, while using external data to identify emerging market trends. More than 1,500 global senior executives specializing in innovation took part in the survey. The respondents were asked to rank the most innovative companies both inside and outside of their own industry, and they ranked the following firms as the top 10 technology companies.

This article was originally published on 2017-03-07
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