Ten Cities Where IT Pros Have Job Satisfaction

Ten Cities Where IT Pros Have Job Satisfaction

Ten Cities Where IT Pros Have Job Satisfaction

San Jose  Prime tech employers—including Google, LinkedIn, Agilent Technologies, Intel and Apple—are located here. The city ranks overall #1 for employee satisfaction with compensation and bennies.

If you don't (as the song goes) "know the way to San Jose," you may want to input the location into your GPS. Especially if you're looking for a town where tech jobs are plentiful and workers enjoy high levels of engagement. The famously plugged-in city ranks #1 in a recent list of top 10 cities for employment satisfaction, as compiled by Glassdoor. But if living in California doesn't suit you, that's not a problem. Other cities on the list include those from the South, Southeast, Atlantic and East Coast regions (but not the Midwest this time around). The appealing workplace qualities in these cities include good opportunities for career advancement, strong tech leadership and a healthy work-life balance. Many of the cities are also considered prime hubs for tech commerce and innovation. And positions in-demand in these cities include software engineers and developers, product managers, tech support and Java developers. Results were compiled based on at least 500 employee-generated reviews of local companies for each metro area included. We've also included specifics on promising companies for tech employment in each one. Click here for Glassdoor's list of 50 top overall "employment satisfaction" cities.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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