Lessons Learned from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Lessons Learned from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Lessons Learned from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

False Starts  Facebook's management says false starts are invaluable learning experiences toward the next iteration of an idea or product.

While attending Harvard, he helped start Facebook as a fun college project and transformed it into a social media giant with more than 1 billion users, 42 million pages and 9 million apps--and counting. He's been named a Time magazine "Person of the Year." Oh, and he's worth about $9.4 billion. Of course, we're talking about Mark Zuckerberg. And if you can't get enough of the 28-year-old cyber-star, then the book Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook's Improbably Brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg (McGraw-Hill Professional), from author Ekaterina Walter, is for you. Far from just "another computer geek," Zuckerberg has led a well-rounded life and brings a philosophical bent to his business world view. With that in mind, the following 10 lessons learned underscore his reflections about innovation, failure, recruitment and brand promotion. Walter is a social innovator at Intel and was named by TopRank as one of the "25 Women Who Rock in Social Media" in 2012.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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