Job Candidates' Off-the-Wall Interview Stunts

By Dennis McCafferty
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    1-What Worked: Sweet Gesture

    What Worked: Sweet Gesture

    A candidate provided a résumé on a chocolate bar.

One job candidate dressed for an interview in attire more appropriate for Barnum & Bailey's circus than for an office. Another resorted to fortune-telling, and a third performed a gymnastics demonstration. Believe it or not, these are real-life examples of the outrageous lengths that some job applicants have gone to in order to impress hiring managers during their interviews. The examples were compiled by CareerBuilder, taken from a survey of more than 2,075 hiring managers and HR professionals. Though all the people in these examples behaved in a very bizarre fashion, four of them actually established a winning connection with their prospective employer, while the other five fell flat. That highlights the fine line between attempting to stand out in a creative manner and being too silly to be taken seriously. "Employers typically aren't looking for the most outrageous candidate—they're looking for the best fit," said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of Human Resources at CareerBuilder. "Thinking outside the box is great, but the stunts that work best are the ones that showcase your relevant skills and abilities. The focus of the interview should be why you would be a great addition to the team, and not what you're willing to do to get noticed."

This article was originally published on 2013-09-05
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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