12 Tech Companies With the Best Reputations

By Dennis McCafferty
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    12 Tech Companies With the Best Reputation

    12 Tech Companies With the Best Reputation

    The technology industry enjoys the best overall reputation of any sector, and these 12 tech companies were rated the best in a poll of 23,000 Americans.

The technology industry enjoys the best overall reputation of any sector, according to a recent survey from the Harris Poll. The research focuses on what Harris defines as a company's Reputation Quotient (RQ)—essentially a measurement of the general public's positive sentiments about an organization or brand. Companies were ranked according to the following categories: social responsibility, emotional appeal, products and/or services, vision and leadership, financial performance and workplace environment. We're presenting the top 12 tech companies here. Clearly, a business' reputation makes a difference, especially in an era when customers are more likely than ever to make consumer choices based on information readily available online and on social networks. "Best-in-class companies demonstrate that corporate reputation matters to your customers, employees, potential hires, business partners and investors," said Sarah Simmons, senior reputation consultant at Nielsen, which owns the Harris Poll. "Not only does it matter, but corporate reputation is critically important to measure and understand in the context of your company's business goals. A positive reputation can provide competitive advantages and help your company achieve its objectives, while a poor one can obstruct your ability to execute against your business plan." More than 23,000 Americans took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2016-04-15
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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