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10 Fastest-Growing Tech Skills for Job Openings

Demand for IT skills continues to soar, pushing compensation for technology professionals to new heights. Annual IT salaries averaged $96,370 in 2015, increasing by 7.7 percent over the prior year, according to Dice. The average bonus was $10,194, up 7 percent from 2014. Clearly, there are many opportunities within the industry, but do you know which skills are considered the "hottest of the hot"... Read More >


Is Business Fully Committed to Cyber-Security?

By now, it's fairly apparent that locking down enterprise data and systems requires more than state-of-the-art tools. Strong cyber-security protections also revolve around knowledge, skills and communication. A recently released study from Dell, "Dell Data Security Survey," offers some interesting but unsettling insights into enterprise security strategies—including areas in which business... Read More >


Why Synthetic Identities Are a Risk to Your Firm

Since it is possible for cyber-criminals to create a synthetic person, businesses must be able to differentiate between synthetic and true-party identities. Read More >


How Sleep-Deprived Employees Hurt Business

A clear majority of employees aren't getting enough sleep, and their constant exhaustion is taking a toll on their work performance, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. Very few professionals are getting the recommended eight hours of shuteye every night, and many are attempting to function on five hours or less. In many cases, they lay awake at night because they can't stop thinking... Read More >


Google's Got an Idea Incubator. Should You?

Google is launching 'Area 120' to accelerate employee startups. Every firm needs something like it to address employee retention, nimbleness and competitiveness. Read More >


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