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5 Essential Steps to a Winning Digital Platform

All types of businesses can benefit from digital platforms, but most new digital platforms will fail if companies neglect the five key steps to digital success. Read More >


10 Ways to Deal Effectively With Toxic Co-Workers

It's nearly impossible for employees to avoid a toxic co-worker at some point in their careers. In fact, four out of five employees surveyed either currently work with, or have worked with, a colleague who spreads malicious rumors, unfairly blames others, and exhibits excessive negativity or other inappropriate behaviors, according to research. Even worse, the vast majority of these employees... Read More >


How AI Will Revolutionize Business and Society

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a fundamental success driver for global organizations, dramatically increasing efficiencies while cutting costs, according to a recent survey from Infosys. The accompanying report, "Amplifying Human Potential: Towards Purposeful Artificial Intelligence," indicates that most companies are either fully or partially deploying this technology, and that... Read More >


How IT Demand Is Fueling a Hot 2017 Jobs Market

Hiring prospects for the year ahead have climbed to their highest level in a decade, with a continued, intense demand to fill tech positions driving the optimistic forecast, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. Overall, organizations are expected to boost the staffing of full-time permanent workers, part-timers and contractual employees. In addition, recruiters will prioritize... Read More >


Use Education to Bring Women Into Data Science

Now is the time for business to take the initiative and proactively encourage women to enter and remain in the data science and engineering fields. Read More >


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