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What Employees Say They Must Have From IT

Information workers are expressing frustration with what they view as a lack of tech tools and space to pursue collaboration, according to a June 2016 survey commissioned by Prysm and conducted by Forrester Consulting. The resulting report, "Digital, Disparate, and Disengaged: Bridging the Technology Gap Between In-Office and Remote Workers," reveals that IT and facilities professionals feel that... Read More >


Six Résumé Killers and Four Game-Changers

There are plenty of ways to ruin a résumé, but there are also many ways to make it shine. On the "bad" side, little more than one-third of applicants are actually qualified for the jobs they're seeking. Applicant tracking software—programs that read résumés—eliminate three-quarters of the unqualified applicants. During the human part of the review process,... Read More >


Watch Out! These Tech Words Have Many Meanings

We use technology buzzwords every day without agreeing on what they actually mean. If you come across unclear tech terms, be sure to clarify and specify. Read More >


Why IT Alone Can't Steer a Digital Transformation

For digital transformations to succeed, employees at all business levels must proactively take part, rather than having the IT organization act on its own, according to a recent survey from QuickBase. The resulting "2016 Digital Transformation Survey" report indicates that the vast majority of companies are invested in a digital transformation, with IT most frequently leading the way. However,... Read More >


IT Pros Can't Keep Up With the Onslaught of Alerts

While the vast majority of IT professionals agree that it's important to monitor the performance of their networks and systems, few of them are "very satisfied" with their approach to this critical issue, according to a recent survey from BigPanda. The accompanying "State of Monitoring 2016" report reveals that technology organizations struggle to quickly remediate service disruptions, and they... Read More >


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