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How Do Employees Measure Success?

The vast majority of U.S. employees queried in a recent survey from CareerBuilder said they aren't earning what they deserve. Most of us, of course, would prefer to make more money. However, these findings demonstrate that professionals' resentment toward their employer could escalate if they conclude that they're constantly being asked to produce more with less, while making less than they... Read More >


Nine Steps That Can Help You Move Into Management

Have you always considered yourself management material, but are still waiting for that elusive promotion? It's a universal challenge for employees: Many professionals want to move into management, but there are obviously only so many of those positions available. And organizations need to be circumspect when it comes to making such promotions, especially when you consider the fact that four out... Read More >


Top States With Growth in Tech Jobs

If you want to go to a U.S. region where IT career opportunities are on the fast track, head south. The top three states for technology job growth and newly created IT positions are all from that region, rather than from traditional tech meccas such as California, according to recently released research from Surprisingly, the Golden State doesn't even make the following top 10 list of... Read More >


Tech Innovation Is Redefining the Job Market

When it comes to the employment picture, IT is creating a greater number of new positions than it's eliminating, according to recent research published by CareerBuilder. However, the technology industry is the main target for what's called "de-skilled" workers: those whose jobs are being replaced by automation. What's clear is that private industry, federal/state/local governments, and both K-12... Read More >


How to Avoid Professional Networking Mistakes

To get the most out of your professional networking efforts, you need to do more than simply sign up for a LinkedIn group: You have to emerge as a high-profile, helpful and gracious member of your networking communities. However, findings reveal that many professionals make a number of classic mistakes in their networking efforts, according to a recent survey from OfficeTeam. These range from... Read More >


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