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How Digital Leaders Share Ideas and Shape Actions

When you post a link on social media, you're not simply sharing something that you found interesting or amusing. You're making a statement about yourself as a person and as a professional. So it's important to understand how digital leaders have learned to share. In a section of a recent book, The Engaged Leader: A Strategy for Your Digital Transformation (Wharton Digital Press/available in... Read More >


Ways to Enhance Employee Performance, Engagement

Build your structures, processes and environments in a way that preferred employee behaviors are a natural outcome, not something that's externally enforced. Read More >


Companies Don't Provide Enough Tech Training

A majority of IT leaders surveyed said their organization's employees lack needed tech training, according to a recent survey from Cybrary. As a result, budgeting for these sessions is expected to either hold steady or increase for most companies. Still, only a minority of the companies surveyed pay for training for employees throughout the enterprise, with many opting to cover training costs... Read More >


Tech Industry Ranks High in Career Branding

The Top 100 Employment Brands report puts Google in the top spot and ranks the tech industry among the most successful in career branding for recruiting talent. Read More >


Nine Qualities of an Active, Healthy Office

Organizations need to do a better job of encouraging physical movement throughout their buildings, according to a recent survey from KI Furniture. The accompanying report, "Understanding Active Design: The Rise of Human Sustainability," states that employees are healthier when they use stairways instead of elevators, stand at a desk, take walk breaks and incorporate other forms of physical... Read More >


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