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The Best Tech Company Employers

When it comes to technology companies, what makes a particular firm a great place to work? For starters, you would have access to some of the best tech tools anywhere. You'd also thrive on compelling challenges that bring out your best skills as an innovator. Then, you'd benefit from leadership that encourages career growth at all levels. And, of course, there would be perks, such as holiday... Read More >


How Four Generations View Tech and Work

There's a lot of talk about generational differences on the job. That's not surprising, as there are three generations currently in the workplace, and a fourth that's just starting to work. However, when asked to name the most critical office technology tool, the response was universal: Old-fashioned email still rules the day. This is among the insights revealed in a comprehensive survey recently... Read More >


Just-in-Time Tech Training Can Fill the Talent Gap

Vocational-type training on specific technologies will become more common as we skill up and down to meet the waves of technology demand with a liquid workforce. Read More >


Why Producing Presentations Is Still Painful

Technology continues to advance at a breathtaking pace … except when it comes to the traditional business presentation. Most professionals still depend on PowerPoint for these sessions, according to a recent survey from Shufflrr. Some still haul out a projector to share their slides, while others print them out. Professionals are still taking hours—or an entire day—to create a... Read More >


IT Pros Are Most Likely to Holiday Shop at Work

Tech employees are most likely to do at least some of their holiday shopping online while on the job, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. Most of the workers surveyed admitted that they do shop while at work, and some even devote more than an hour at a time to this activity. With the continuing acceptance of bring your own device (BYOD), it's easier than ever to buy presents online... Read More >


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