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What Distinguishes World-Class IT Organizations?

So you think your technology department has what it takes to be world class? Then you may want to compare how it stacks up against the following performance benchmark research from the Hackett Group. The accompanying report, "The World-Class Performance Advantage: Four Imperatives for Creating IT Agility in a Digital Age," defines "world-class" IT performance organizations as those that are more... Read More >


The Pros and Cons of the On-Demand Economy

It's apparent that digital technology is impacting the world in numerous ways. However, one of the most profound and visible signs is how it's disrupting organizations and leading to entirely new business and work models. Consider this: The likes of Uber, UpWork and EatWith have introduced entirely new ways to work. In fact, these approaches wouldn't have been imaginable only a decade ago. A... Read More >


9 Ways to Stand Out During a Job Interview

While Baseline has reported extensively that IT professionals are in high demand for available job openings, it would be inadvisable to walk into an interview assuming that "I've got this one in the bag!" Expressing assertive confidence is a good thing, but arrogance and cockiness are major turn-offs. Candidates also need to know that every corporate job posting attracts about 250... Read More >


Why You Need to Change Your Writing Style

If you're using a writing style that worked a few years ago, it's probably obsolete. Here's how to write in a way that will make an impact now and in the future. Read More >


Data Scientists: A New Breed of Innovators

Data scientists will have to convert a growing volume of data into meaningful insights on a massive scale, sparking the need for next-generation data scientists. Read More >


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