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Automated App Testing Drives Digital Success

To stay competitive, organizations are increasingly seeking to establish a strong presence in both mobile and Web platforms. In the process, however, most face challenges in attempting to deliver a reliable and consistent digital experience, according to a recent survey from Perfecto Mobile. The accompanying report, "Why Apps Succeed," states that the majority of businesses deploy a single... Read More >


Tech Distractions Are Top Productivity Killers

Thanks to the Internet and the ubiquity of personal mobile devices, many employers believe that constantly distracted employees are costing them hours a day in lost productivity per worker, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. Most professionals never have their smartphone out of reach—or eyesight—at work. Many use their device to text, post on social media, check the... Read More >


Why Employees Are Demanding Better Compensation

A majority of employees said that the expanding job market is empowering them to negotiate a higher salary, according to a recent survey from Spherion. The "Emerging Workforce Study" (EWS) indicates that many workers feel that their employers are putting less effort into retaining them than in the past. They're also not happy about the state of their work-life balance. So it should come as no... Read More >


The Top 10 Tech Company CEOs

What makes a great tech company CEO? They must have leadership qualities and vision, of course. Then, there's the ability to pump up employees' spirits—whether during a major presentation in an auditorium, a small gathering in a conference room or an impromptu exchange in the hallway—so they feel compelled to give their very best every day. In addition, they should be eager to engage... Read More >


What Is 'Ingaged' Leadership?

'Ingagement' is an ongoing way of leading people that has the power to transform your organization, your employees, you and, ultimately, your success.   Read More >


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