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Is Your Company Ready for a Retirement Tsunami?

The problem with the coming wave of retirements is not just the loss of technical expertise. It's also the loss of those employees' subject-matter knowledge. Read More >


Don't Make These Job Interview Blunders

Nearly everyone has made an honest mistake while meeting with a potential employer, but we're fairly certain that you've never committed any of the following job interview gaffes. They were compiled from a recent OfficeTeam survey of more than 600 senior managers in North America, covering a broad range of what not to wear and what not to say or do. "Interviews are nerve-racking, but proper... Read More >


On-Call Tech Teams Are Fatigued and Stressed

On-call IT teams are responding to an average of more than 7,700 alerts from users a year, and almost a quarter of these alerts are false alarms, according to a recent survey from VictorOps. The time spent on addressing the false alarms comes out to an estimated $140,000 annual expense for organizations, findings reveal. Given the circumstances, it's easy to see why the vast majority of tech... Read More >


Get Ready for the Next Generation of Search Tech

Humans are creating enough data to fill 100 billion iPads (32 GB) every year. This means there's an overwhelming amount of information out there, and we're increasingly dependent on advances in search technologies to find what we seek. While the book Search: How the Data Explosion Makes Us Smarter (Bibliomotion/available now) explores these advances, it also lends insights into more profound,... Read More >


The Good, Bad and Ugly of Office Holiday Parties

With December upon us, do you look forward to winter holiday celebrations at work—or do you dread them? If you're like many employees, you may feel a little bit of both. A number of companies sponsor gatherings that create scheduling conflicts for staffers. Or they host events that are on the dull side. And, of course, there's often the stress of dealing with co-workers who overindulge with... Read More >


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