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Top Ten Tech Leaders, Influencers and Visionaries

In the "old days"—about 10 years ago—the world's most influential technology leaders blazed new paths in software and hardware design with respect to traditional computers, laptops and smartphones. But with disruptive technologies emerging at a rapid pace, top technology visionaries are pursuing a more eclectic range of products and innovations, including wearable tech, virtual... Read More >


What Innovative People & Companies Do Differently

Everyone talks about being innovative, but do you and your IT teams really have what it takes to propose and pursue pioneering ideas that are both disruptive and profitable? A new survey from McKinsey & Co. highlights the following eight characteristics of innovative leaders. An accompanying article to the study, "The Eight Essentials of Innovation," reveals that groundbreaking ideas are not... Read More >


Drawing a Line Between Employer & Employee Rights

Employees should have the freedom to make their own choices without fear of employer reprisals, but presenting workers with healthy options is smart business. Read More >


What Qualities Define a Successful Leader?

Having a good work attitude is considered the top attribute of organizational leaders, according to a recent survey from the Leveraging Genius Institute of Gap International. So, while you should certainly take pride in your technology knowledge, senior executives say that the presence of tech skills doesn't make as great an impact as having the right attitude and mindset. The findings primarily... Read More >


Why Companies Should Care About Employees' Weight

An increasing number of U.S. workers surveyed said they've gained weight in their current jobs, and professional and business services employees and IT workers are at the top of the list for packing on the pounds, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. For organizations, the fallout is immense: Workers dealing with obesity and other serious health issues cost companies more than $73... Read More >


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