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Toxic Workers Undermine Morale and Productivity

The fact that toxic employees exist certainly isn't news to anyone who has worked in virtually any type of organization. These troublesome individuals have been analyzed, studied and written about for decades. Nevertheless, they continue to wreak havoc on both their co-workers and their managers, and they consistently undermine both morale and productivity in their organization. A new report from... Read More >


How Corporate Culture Affects Job Satisfaction

The majority of HR managers queried acknowledge that they've occasionally misjudged a job candidate's capability to fit in with their organization's professional environment, and these decisions have often led to employees either quitting or getting fired, according to a recent survey from OfficeTeam. In many cases, a company's culture can affect the overall job experience as much as the work... Read More >


IT Managers Can Build Skills Using Online Academy

A Professional Development Academy provides frontline IT managers with mentorship opportunities from Fortune 500 executives and business school instructors. Read More >


Workers Want Ethics and Transparency From Leaders

When asked for a "top three" list of qualities they want from organizational leaders, a cross-section of generational employees ranked a strong sense of ethics, honesty and transparency at the top, according to a survey study from IBM. The accompanying report, "Myths, Exaggerations and Uncomfortable Truths," focuses primarily on perspectives held by Millennial workers. However, the findings also... Read More >


Tech Firms' Unconventional Job Interview Questions

When you're getting ready for a job interview, you've probably prepared yourself to field some tough inquiries about network administration, software design, cyber-security, mobile app development or whatever else your tech specialty happens to be. But did you ever think you'd be asked about, say, the formation of the earth? Or swim meets? Or the Muppets? (That's assuming you've ever watched a... Read More >


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