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How to Build a Workplace of Trust

When does a spirit of relatively harmless snarky humor give way to morale-crushing cynicism? It's a fine line, and one that an organization and its employees should never cross because cynicism can tear away at a key quality of any successful organization: trust. It's a serious concern, as more than four out of five employees surveyed do not believe their bosses are capable of being honest with... Read More >


Surprising Predictions About Internet Traffic

Thanks to an insatiable worldwide demand for connectivity, Internet traffic will soar to staggering levels over the next several years, according to recent research from Cisco. The resulting report, "Cisco Visual Networking Index Global Forecast and Service Adoption for 2013 to 2018," presents a wide range of predictions that cover the growth of overall IP traffic, mobile data and streaming... Read More >


Why Business Meetings Waste So Much Time

In today's business environment, we've pretty much killed the concept of a regular 9-to-5 workday and have debunked the perception that you can be productive only when you're in the office. And the once-ubiquitous position of secretary is now a rarity in many organizations. So, given that we've virtually eliminated these once-common facts of office life, why do we still have painfully... Read More >


How to Deal With Email When You're on Vacation

Remember when a vacation was really a vacation—a time when people completely disconnected from work and allowed themselves to recharge? Well, those days are clearly over. In fact, three out of five employees said they do at least some work while on vacation, according to research from Glassdoor. Why? One-third of the respondents said it's because no one else in their company can do their... Read More >


Business-Led Tech Spending Drives Innovation

As the roles of IT and business continue to blur, it's inevitable that an increasing share of technology spending is now overseen by non-tech managers. But there's a bright side to this trend: It's paving the way for more innovation, according to a recent survey from CEB (formerly known as the Corporate Executive Board). The accompanying report, titled "Executive Guidance: Harnessing Business-Led... Read More >


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