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Ten Résumé Dos and Don'ts

A résumé has to impress a potential employer, and it has to do so quickly. Recruiters spend, on average, only five to seven seconds initially reviewing a résumé, according to industry research. And while no one expects an IT professional to command extraordinary written communications skills, you should use your résumé to present a compelling case for... Read More >


LEGO Education Builds a Winning Marketing Strategy

The popular toy manufacturer deployed an automated solution integrated with its CRM system to boost its marketing capabilities and build a better sales model. Read More >


Why Texting Is Becoming a Key Business Tool

The use of texting as a go-to business communications tool continues to grow, according to a recent survey from RingCentral. The majority of business professionals surveyed said they send at least 20 texts a day, and a notable share send 60 or more. Many employees can't stand to let an unanswered text linger for longer than 10 minutes, and most depend on multiple messaging apps to do their job,... Read More >


Forget Algorithms. People Rule!

Silicon Valley has realized that nothing beats the human touch. The industry is tired of waiting—or can't afford to wait—for algorithms to exceed human curation. Read More >


Business & Tech Books That Can Boost Your Career

There's nothing like having a good book to read on a sunny (or rainy) summer day—especially if it helps you advance in your career. So, as is Baseline's tradition, we're presenting the following list of recommended summer book titles. They represent an eclectic selection of significant technology and business topics. One comes from the CEO of a top open-source company, who is promoting the... Read More >


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