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Why Work Is Getting Better for Developers

23 hours ago | by Dennis McCafferty

Software developers face unique forms of stress: They're tasked with matching creativity to client/stakeholder expectations, often charting unexplored territory while under deadline pressure.... Read More



  • Why Are Companies' IT Transformations Lagging?
    The challenges of migrating to a digital business and IT framework are daunting. Today's fast-moving environment requires new information technology systems, different thinking and entirely new skills. A recently released report from Dimension Data...
  • Consumers Want a Personalized Customer Experience
    A significant percentage of consumers around the world prefer digital channels over traditional ones when contacting their technology brands, according to a survey from Xerox. The resulting report, "The State of Customer Service 2015," indicates...
  • Why Some IT Leaders Worry About the Future
    While overall sentiments remain high, tech leaders are slightly less optimistic than they were a year ago about a number of critical factors that will impact their IT organizations in 2016, according to the most recent "year ahead" survey forecast...
  • How Digital Partnerships Drive Business Success
    The digital partnership has emerged as the business model of the present—and future—as the majority of global executive leaders believe their organization will need to forge relationships with other companies to maximize the value of...
  • 10 Tech Companies That Are the Best Places to Work
    To be considered a great place to work, technology companies understand that they need to provide more than good food, happy hours, free massages and Foosball tables. They must proactively build a corporate culture that embraces collaboration,...
  • Why IT Employees Embrace Tech Automation
    While automation and artificial intelligence (AI) sometimes cause a backlash because of the fear that they will replace IT workers, the vast majority of tech professionals express favorable sentiments about these technologies, according to a recent...
  • Why Companies Struggle With Corporate Culture
    While the vast majority of CEOs and CFOs feel that corporate culture is important to their organization, a stunningly low percentage think that their culture is right where it should be, according to a recent survey conducted by Columbia Business...
  • How to Know What You Need to Know—All the Time
    You know how to find information about your company, industry and area of specialty. But do you know how to make that information find you? Here's how.
  • Using Data for Good Is Good for Business
    Can doing good be good for business? Bloomberg, the financial data company, measures a firm's sustainability in terms of its social and environmental impact.
  • Bosses Question Workers' Excuses for Missing Work
    An increasing number of employees are taking sick days even when they're feeling fine, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. And quite a few of them are coming up with bizarre excuses for not showing up in the office. However, they do so...

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