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How Outdated Technology Impedes Business Growth

3 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

Only a minority of technology and business leaders believe that their organization can achieve its vision for growth, according to a recent survey from PointSource. The accompanying report,... Read More



  • The 10 Most Innovative Technology Companies
    They drive in the IT fast lane, constantly speeding ahead with new advances that are profoundly changing data management, cloud computing, mobility, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), social media and even entertainment....
  • Bias in the Workplace Is Not Going Away
    Unless business and tech shed their white-male-dominated culture—and reexamine ageism—many companies are going to be at a huge disadvantage in the years ahead.
  • How to Stop Multitasking and Start Focusing
    Multitasking is a myth. The key to personal productivity is to do things one at a time with laser-like focus.
  • Why Stress Is Taking a Greater Toll on Employees
    The majority of employees said they are stressed at work on a daily basis, and this problem has increased over the past five years, according to a recent survey from Accountemps. Heavy workloads, demanding deadlines, unrealistic management...
  • 10 Books That Enhance Professional Development
    With winter almost behind us, it's a great time to "spring" forward with an intriguing book about business or technology. Whether you prefer to load up your e-reader or read books the old-fashioned way by flipping paper pages instead of digital...
  • The App Way to Professional Self-Improvement
    All business and technology leaders must polish their business skills and habits. Mobile apps can help them do that in their spare time, every day.
  • Have We Become a Nation of Smartphone Addicts?
    It seems we've become a nation of smartphone addicts. Why? Well, many of us check these devices the moment we wake up, incessantly throughout the day and just before going to bed, according to a recent survey from ReportLinker. In fact, many admit...
  • Don't Wreck Your Résumé With These Words
    No matter how highly skilled and experienced you are, you won't get very far in the job market with a weak résumé. Recruiters spend, on average, just 3.14 minutes reading a résumé, and they usually make up their mind...
  • 5 Essential Steps to a Winning Digital Platform
    All types of businesses can benefit from digital platforms, but most new digital platforms will fail if companies neglect the five key steps to digital success.
  • 10 Ways to Deal Effectively With Toxic Co-Workers
    It's nearly impossible for employees to avoid a toxic co-worker at some point in their careers. In fact, four out of five employees surveyed either currently work with, or have worked with, a colleague who spreads malicious rumors, unfairly blames...

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