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Best Cities for IT Salaries and Cost of Living

1 day ago | by Dennis McCafferty

It's great to get a six-figure salary offer. But in terms of your ability to afford a comfortable lifestyle and even save money, your overall compensation accounts for only part of the equation. The... Read More



  • Why Data Scientists Are Happy, but Concerned
    It's good to be a data scientist these days: The vast majority surveyed said they are either "happy" or "very happy" at work. They're also in high demand, with most getting contacted at least once a month for new job opportunities, according to a...
  • CompTIA Advances the Careers of Tech Pros
    After acquiring the AITP, CompTIA has been focusing on advancing the careers of IT professionals in ways that go beyond training materials and certifications.
  • What IT Pros Do—and Would Rather Do—at Work
    Tech employees are seeing a significant gap between what they aspire to accomplish on the job and what they actually end up doing, according to a recent survey from Carbonite. The accompanying report, "A Portrait of the IT Professional," reveals...
  • Cyber-Insurance: Assess Risk, Policy & Obligations
    Directors and executives are best-positioned to align cyber-insurance coverage with business objectives, asset vulnerability, third-party risk and other factors.
  • The High Cost of the Growing IT Delivery Gap
    The current wave of innovative technologies—from mobile and the internet of things to the cloud, analytics and artificial intelligence—is pushing business and employees to move at much faster speeds. But with IT still limited to a...
  • IT Salaries Are Going Up—but Not Enough
    The average salary for U.S. technology professionals has risen significantly over the last five years, but IT employees' satisfaction with their paychecks has declined slightly over the same period of time, according to a recent survey from Dice....
  • How Bad Hiring Decisions Hurt Companies
    The vast majority of small and midsize businesses run into problems when they begin to hire people, with many encountering unexpected complexities along the way, according to a recent survey from Robert Half. As a result, most have made a bad hire...
  • How to Take a Strategic Approach to IT Monitoring
    While the vast majority of IT professionals feel that a strategic monitoring process can deliver a wide range of benefits, relatively few organizations have such a process in place, according to a recent survey from BigPanda. The resulting report,...
  • What Developers Want From Employers
    With demand for their skills rising, most developers are either actively looking for a new job—or are at least interested in hearing about new career opportunities, according to Stack Overflow, an online community for programmers. The...
  • The Top Hot Spots and Drivers of Innovation
    Global technology leaders still consider the United States at the forefront of innovation, but China is catching up, according to a recent survey from KPMG. The accompanying report, "The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies," also ranks the...

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