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IT Lacks Tools and Support to Meet Business Needs

2 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

What does it take for the IT organization to get its due from the business side of the company? As reported in a variety of survey-based content on Baseline, the tech department must emerge as an... Read More



  • The Top Ten CEOs at U.S. Tech Companies
    They're constantly seeking opportunities for global expansion, while still paying careful attention to company matters closer to home. They are extremely wealthy—frequently hobnobbing with world leaders and A-list celebrities—but many of...
  • Workers Value Relationships More Than Their Career
    What's love got to do with it? Plenty—at least when it comes to careers. Far from a "sweet old-fashioned notion," a serious relationship often takes priority over career considerations, according to a recent "WorkSphere" survey from Spherion....
  • How to Deal With Bad Customer Experiences
    Enterprises are turning to the IT organization more frequently to help them improve the customer experience. Clearly, much of this is driven by social media: One badly handled phone call by a company service representative could lead to a scathing...
  • Managing & Securing Data for the World's Families
    CTO Scott Sorensen has a challenging job: Helping expand and enhance its vast database of family information, while keeping that data secure.
  • Dannon Speeds Up Data Preparation and Analysis
    Producing business reports used to take Dannon's IT team weeks or months, but a new data preparation system enables users to produce their own reports in hours.
  • How to Align IT and Marketing on Big Data
    It's difficult to imagine that a decade or so ago, IT and marketing professionals could co-exist in the same building while going days—maybe even weeks—without speaking to each other. But that era is gone, and for a very good reason:...
  • Skills Gap Triggers Costly Job Vacancies
    A lack of qualified workers is leading to a large number of job vacancies that are proving costly to companies, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. In fact, organizations lose an average of $14,000 for every position that stays vacant...
  • Risk Leaders Go Beyond Resilience Management
    "Risk master" companies focus on strategic and emerging risk. They don't just respond to and recover from these events—they gain competitive advantage from them.
  • Ten Ways to Avoid Burning Bridges When You Resign
    These days, very few employees stay with the same organization for decades. Like professional athletes, workers switch teams much more frequently than prior generations did. In fact, today's y young workers go through an average of seven job changes...
  • March Madness Harms Productivity and Networks
    As the NCAA Men's Division Basketball Championship tournament kicks off this week, millions of workers will take part in office pools and monitor the games at work while using their company's computers and networks, according to research from...

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