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How IT and Business Decision-Makers Align on Tech

5 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

IT and business decision-makers are very close in agreement about the strategic technology direction for their organization, according to a recent survey from Dell. The resulting "Dell State of IT... Read More



  • What Does It Take for an IT Pro to Become a CIO?
    IT pros with an eye on the C-suite must understand how tech can transform the business and increase shareholder value. They also need to develop these 10 skills.
  • CIOs Are Confident Their Staff Can Meet Challenges
    With tech departments now expected to make valuable contributions to business strategies while continuing to satisfy nuts-and-bolts operational IT needs, CIOs and other tech leaders expressed considerable confidence in their staff's ability to...
  • Résumés: What You Must—and Must Not—Include
    Job seekers in the digital age face good news/bad news prospects when it comes to résumés. The good news? It's easier than ever to send a résumé, as nine out of 10 are now posted online or sent via email, up from 22...
  • Why Business Transformations Fail
    While most organizations are undergoing some kind of business transformation, relatively few global executives think they're getting sustainable value from these initiatives, according to a recent survey from KPMG. The resulting "KPMG...
  • How to Really, Truly 'Think Outside the Box'
    What is "the box"? And why would you want to think outside it? Here's why—and how.
  • Many Consumers Are Clueless About Ransomware
    One would think that the aggressive spread of ransomware would have the lion's share of computer users taking steps to prevent an attack and protect their most vulnerable data. Yet, nearly half of all consumers admit that they don't know what...
  • Why Isn't IT More Agile?
    A vast majority of senior IT decision-makers and customer experience professionals said that the pursuit of a digital transformation has created significant challenges for their organization, according to a recent survey from Bizagi, which was...
  • How to Handle—and Survive—Office Politics
    The U.S. presidential campaign rolls around only every four years, but, for American workers, office politics remains a never-ending reality that must be dealt with every workday, according to a recent survey from Accountemps. A clear majority of...
  • Adopting a Customer-Centric Mindset
    Savvy leaders emphasize human-centered design, which empathizes with their customers and citizens, and then redesigns services to improve their experience.
  • Job-Related Expenses Cost Employees Thousands
    We often think about how much we get paid to work, especially when it's time for the annual review. But have you given much thought to how much you actually spend on job-related expenses? A recent survey on this topic from CareerBuilder may raise...

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