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11 Tips for Giving a Great Speech

2 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

Does the prospect of making a public presentation send you into a state of panic? If so, then you're far from alone. In fact, three-quarters of people suffer from speech anxiety, which means that... Read More



  • Ways to Enhance Employee Performance, Engagement
    Build your structures, processes and environments in a way that preferred employee behaviors are a natural outcome, not something that's externally enforced.
  • Companies Don't Provide Enough Tech Training
    A majority of IT leaders surveyed said their organization's employees lack needed tech training, according to a recent survey from Cybrary. As a result, budgeting for these sessions is expected to either hold steady or increase for most companies....
  • Tech Industry Ranks High in Career Branding
    The Top 100 Employment Brands report puts Google in the top spot and ranks the tech industry among the most successful in career branding for recruiting talent.
  • Nine Qualities of an Active, Healthy Office
    Organizations need to do a better job of encouraging physical movement throughout their buildings, according to a recent survey from KI Furniture. The accompanying report, "Understanding Active Design: The Rise of Human Sustainability," states that...
  • Is Your TV Watching You?
    Samsung was outed for speech recognition that can "listen" to TV owners and share their words with third parties. Alas, this type of situation is the new normal.
  • The 12 Happiest Tech Companies in America
    If you want to work for a company where most employees are engaged and happy with their jobs, the tech industry may be the best place to look. In fact, seven of the top 10 happiest companies in the United States are in the IT sector, according to...
  • Ten Things You Should Know About Intel
    The company was founded in 1968 by two ex-executives from Fairchild Semiconductor: a chemist named Gordon Moore and a physicist named Robert Noyce, who also happened to be the co-inventor of the integrated circuit. Together, they formed Intel, which...
  • The High Cost of Defending Against Malware
    One of the unfortunate realities of the digital age is that it's impossible to escape the threat of malware. Emails, Websites, and other tools and technologies all too often carry potentially dangerous payloads that can damage or cripple an...
  • Why an IT Pro Should Be Every User's Valentine
    With Valentine's Day upon us, users should think about doing something special for the systems and network administrators, help desk staffers and other IT professionals who make their lives easier. Why? Because the IT department is constantly on...
  • Why IT Professionals Want More Business Experience
    The vast majority of IT executives, managers and employees now recognize that business experience is more valuable to their careers than new technology skills, according to a number of survey reports from Wisegate, a peer-based IT advisory firm. As...

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