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Big Names Head the List of Top Tech Employers

2 months ago | by Eileen McCooey

Call them the darling dozen—the 12 tech companies that tech professionals consider the ideal employers. Many of these names will be no surprise to anyone involved in the industry, but a few... Read More



  • Make a Good Impression: Avoid Résumé Blunders
    Even though the employment market is currently good for job seekers, you can't afford to get complacent with your résumé. A significant number of managers initially spend less than one minute looking at a résumé,...
  • What Motivates—and Frustrates—Developers?
    The prime motivators for developers, according to a recent survey from CAST, are pride in their craft and the ability to build something innovative, as well as compensation and career opportunities. Yet, the study, "2017 State of the Modern...
  • Job Satisfaction Grows, but Work Issues Persist
    A majority of workers are satisfied with their job, according to a recent survey from the Conference Board. The accompanying "Job Satisfaction: 2017 Edition" reports that even though the majority is just over the 50 percent mark, it's still...
  • What to Do—and Not Do—During Phone Interviews
    For both job candidates and employers, a phone interview is a great way to get acquainted. It gives both parties a timely, efficient way to sense whether the job seeker is a good match for the company ... and vice versa. However, before the...
  • Self-Defeating Behaviors of Job Candidates
    The majority of employees feel they have "just a job" instead of a career, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder, and many actually hate what they do. So it's not surprising that many of these workers are looking for a new employer. And,...
  • How to Build a Better DevOps Model
    Establishing a DevOps strategy and putting it into motion can prove extremely challenging. Success depends on factors such as technology, processes and culture.
  • ITSM Professionals Are Bracing for a Rocky Road
    IT service management employees believe that their company's ITSM practices aren't keeping up with the pace of technology and business changes, according to a recent survey from ManageEngine. The resulting "IT Service Management Future Readiness"...
  • What Info Security Pros Think About Fake News
    Fake news sources are manipulating U.S. politics, and it's virtually impossible to stanch the flow of bogus reports. That's the opinion of most cyber-security experts and industry thought leaders who participated in a survey at the Black Hat 2017...
  • Did Google Cross the Line on Free Speech?
    The contentious "Google Memo" has launched heated discussions, but the issue isn't really about free speech; it's about what's permissible in the workplace.
  • Career-Boosting Qualities of NFL Coaching Legends
    If you've been feeling the effects of football deprivation for months now, the long wait is almost over: On Sept. 7, the Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots, the reigning Super Bowl champs, (literally) kicking off the regular NFL...

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