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10 New Year's Resolutions for IT Professionals

22 hours ago | by Dennis McCafferty

Every New Year, most of us are motivated to change our lives for the better, and IT professionals are no exception. Many of them are planning to improve their technology skills and overall career... Read More



  • How Four Generations View Tech and Work
    There's a lot of talk about generational differences on the job. That's not surprising, as there are three generations currently in the workplace, and a fourth that's just starting to work. However, when asked to name the most critical office...
  • Just-in-Time Tech Training Can Fill the Talent Gap
    Vocational-type training on specific technologies will become more common as we skill up and down to meet the waves of technology demand with a liquid workforce.
  • Why Producing Presentations Is Still Painful
    Technology continues to advance at a breathtaking pace … except when it comes to the traditional business presentation. Most professionals still depend on PowerPoint for these sessions, according to a recent survey from Shufflrr. Some still...
  • IT Pros Are Most Likely to Holiday Shop at Work
    Tech employees are most likely to do at least some of their holiday shopping online while on the job, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. Most of the workers surveyed admitted that they do shop while at work, and some even devote more...
  • How to Use Capital for Technology Investments
    Technology investments can bolster productivity and efficiency but the number of tools and programs can make tech investment strategies complex and overwhelming. 
  • Office Gift-Giving: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    The holiday spirit of office gift-giving is alive and well this year, according to a recent survey from Accountemps. Most HR managers feel it's appropriate for employees to give gifts to their managers and for managers to return the favor. But if...
  • Holiday Bonuses Are on the Upswing This Year
    'Tis the season for … a large chunk of extra cash? That may be the case if you've been a "nice" employee this year. In fact, a growing number of companies intend to give their employees holiday bonuses in December, according to a recent...
  • Why IT Pros Will Look for Better Jobs in 2017
    A significant number of IT professionals expect to be working for a different employer next year, according to a recent survey from Spiceworks. The resulting "2017 Tech Career Outlook" reveals that tech employees are seeking more promising...
  • Employees Give Their Managers High Marks
    Want to hear some good news? The vast majority of employees actually like their bosses, according to a recent survey from Accountemps, a Robert Half Co. The resulting "State of the Manager-Employee Relationship" report indicates that the...
  • What Distinguishes World-Class IT Organizations?
    So you think your technology department has what it takes to be world class? Then you may want to compare how it stacks up against the following performance benchmark research from the Hackett Group. The accompanying report, "The World-Class...

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