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Tech Firms' Unconventional Job Interview Questions

3 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

When you're getting ready for a job interview, you've probably prepared yourself to field some tough inquiries about network administration, software design, cyber-security, mobile app development or... Read More



  • Careless Work Conversations Can Cause Big Problems
    They field your calls. They deliver your mail. They keep your office warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They even clean out your trash can and the mess in the kitchenette. They are your company's support staff—the receptionists,...
  • 11 Tips for Giving a Great Speech
    Does the prospect of making a public presentation send you into a state of panic? If so, then you're far from alone. In fact, three-quarters of people suffer from speech anxiety, which means that it's the most common phobia of all. That said, most...
  • Ten Facts You Should Know About Telecommuting
    While the number of U.S. telecommuters represents only a small percentage of the overall workforce, the trend is clearly on the upswing. Still, given that half of American employees hold a job that's compatible with a telework schedule, there's...
  • What Managers Can Learn From a News Show Anchor
    Many of the actions that go into hosting a news show are best practices for any successful endeavor in which people work together to create something of value.
  • How Digital Leaders Share Ideas and Shape Actions
    When you post a link on social media, you're not simply sharing something that you found interesting or amusing. You're making a statement about yourself as a person and as a professional. So it's important to understand how digital leaders have...
  • Ways to Enhance Employee Performance, Engagement
    Build your structures, processes and environments in a way that preferred employee behaviors are a natural outcome, not something that's externally enforced.
  • Companies Don't Provide Enough Tech Training
    A majority of IT leaders surveyed said their organization's employees lack needed tech training, according to a recent survey from Cybrary. As a result, budgeting for these sessions is expected to either hold steady or increase for most companies....
  • Tech Industry Ranks High in Career Branding
    The Top 100 Employment Brands report puts Google in the top spot and ranks the tech industry among the most successful in career branding for recruiting talent.
  • Nine Qualities of an Active, Healthy Office
    Organizations need to do a better job of encouraging physical movement throughout their buildings, according to a recent survey from KI Furniture. The accompanying report, "Understanding Active Design: The Rise of Human Sustainability," states that...
  • Is Your TV Watching You?
    Samsung was outed for speech recognition that can "listen" to TV owners and share their words with third parties. Alas, this type of situation is the new normal.

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