Innovative Tech Company Offices

Innovative Tech Company Offices

Innovative Tech Company Offices

Whee!, Part I  Google has installed a floor-to-ceiling twisty-sliding board so employees can literally slide from one floor to another.

Most of us have seen or heard about hip tech companies installing huge flat-screen TVs and foosball tables in their offices. But what about a sliding board? Or a "cat from outer space" display? Yes, a pair of well-known digital darlings have done just that. These eye-catching offices reflect two of the following designs that Glassdoor.com has recognized in a recent posting about top "cool office spaces." While some of these designs may come across as frivolous, there's a serious organizational benefit at play here: Research shows that happy employees are proven to be better performers, leading to a notable competitive advantage for their companies. They are also less likely to leave a job, and are more likely to make better decisions and demonstrate superior interpersonal behaviors, according to ScienceDaily.com. And, given that we're talking about innovative technology enterprises here, you can bet that leadership at these offices are happy to go over the top in terms of coming up with creative office design.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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