Do Your Co-workers Resemble Sci-Fi Characters?

Do Your Co-workers Resemble Sci-Fi Characters?

Do Your Co-workers Resemble Sci-Fi Characters?

James T. Kirk (Star TrekA strong, informed leader who seeks the support and wisdom of a diverse pool of associates, thereby making better decisions.

In a recent story on Baselinemag.com, we reported that Star Wars and Star Trek remain at the top of IT professionals' list of all-time great science fiction movies and television shows. Also popular are Alien, X-Files and—just to demonstrate that geeks like to laugh about themselves—The Big Bang Theory. That affection for sci-fi characters made us wonder: What would it be like to work with some of the most enduring, iconic characters from these and other sci-fi movies and TV programs? Would such a circumstance "beam you up" to a workplace "far, far away" from reality? Actually, it would be less of a stretch than you might think. In many cases, these characters would perform just as many of your co-workers do—often with positive results, but occasionally skirting danger. Avoiding an asteroid-size disaster in the office would require taking advantage of each sci-fi character's strengths, while minimizing their rougher edges. But isn't that just like any other day at the office?

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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