Business Wants IT to Help More With Innovation

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Business Wants IT to Help More With Innovation

    Business Wants IT to Help More With Innovation

    IT decision-makers think they're doing a good job in supporting lines of business with the technology needed for innovation, but LOB professionals disagree.

When it comes to innovation, IT decision-makers and line-of-business professionals disagree about whether the technology department is providing the solutions that are needed, according to a recent survey from Softchoice. The resulting report, "Enabling Innovation: When Actions Speak Louder Than Buzzwords," indicates that only a minority of LoB employees describe their organization as very innovative. For example, they don't think their leadership is particularly risk-friendly or comfortable with possible failure—key components of innovation. And they also feel that IT isn't spending enough time collaborating with them to understand key business challenges and tech needs. On the encouraging side, employees said their organization has processes in place to drive innovation. But more top-to-bottom support—including from IT leaders—is required to remain competitive. "In recent years, business leaders have embraced innovation as a hallmark of a competitive, thriving business," the report stated. "Traditional metrics like revenue and employee retention still count, obviously, but innovation is another benchmark. … Innovation can mean different things to different organizations, but in all cases, innovation must be clearly defined and measurable. While there is no single set of instructions for enabling innovation, we do know the elements necessary for success, including leadership, culture, process and technology." An estimated 1,000 North American full-time LoB employees and 250 IT decision-makers took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2017-02-22
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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