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How Smart Devices Can Rewire Business Processes

Smart devices are at the core of a growing universe of machines, sensors and systems that redefine business processes. But success requires vision and planning. Read More >


Autonomous Vehicles Drive Forward

The self-driving car raises a critical question: How do we approach and manage machines that do things better than humans do? Do we value safety over choice? Read More >


Technology Moves Faster Than People

We will eventually get to mobile wallets, and the majority of consumers will use them. The biggest barriers are cultural, including sloppy business practices. Read More >


Is a 'Re-enterprization' of IT Taking Place?

Deloitte Vice Chairman Paul Sallomi offers his perspective on the evolving state of IT consumerization and a growing countertrend toward 're-enterprization.' Read More >


Innovative Tech Is Set to Improve Cancer Detection

A new connected device, the ITBra, is designed to revolutionize breast cancer detection by using sensors to spot tumors before they are normally detectable. Read More >


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