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Managing & Securing Data for the World's Families

CTO Scott Sorensen has a challenging job: Helping expand and enhance its vast database of family information, while keeping that data secure. Read More >


Mobile Apps Are Revamping the Enterprise

Organizations are adopting mobile apps to communicate, collaborate and interact with business partners and customers in new and sometimes revolutionary ways. Read More >


Remote Workers Enjoy Better Work-Life Balance

Employees who do most of their work outside of a traditional office enjoy improved work-life balance, according to a recent survey from Flex+Strategy Group. The survey also counters some stigmas about remote workers. For example, though younger employees are more commonly found working on a mobile device in their home or a coffee shop, plenty of older workers are doing the same thing. You may... Read More >


Good Customer Experience Requires IT Innovation

With the information technology department gaining more visibility as an organizational business driver, the C-suite is turning to IT to assist in connecting with customers more effectively. In fact, corporate executives are coming up with a wide variety of ambitious plans on this front, and all of them are expected to involve technology, according to an international survey from IBM. The... Read More >


Six Ways Businesses Are Behind the Times

Many businesses seem hopelessly behind the times. To catch up and keep pace with the digital age, business and IT executives need to focus on six key areas. Read More >


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