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Wearables in the Workplace: Potential and Pitfalls

Wearable devices are likely to become common tools, so companies must consider the benefits and challenges of allowing employees to use these devices at work. Read More >


Charlotte Envisions a Smart Future

The City of Charlotte turned to smart energy systems in order to build a more sustainable and economically viable future for its businesses and residents. Read More >


Why a Truly Digital Workplace Remains Elusive

While top executives and IT decision-makers acknowledge the business value of transitioning to a fully digital workplace, most admit that their organization is a long way from getting there, according to a recent survey from Avanade. A significant number of survey respondents, in fact, estimate that the transformation will amount to a four-year journey. Challenges have emerged due to a lack of... Read More >


Buying Into the Subscription Economy

Over the next few years, we should expect massive disruption across a wide swath of industries, so executives must keep an eye on the subscription economy. Read More >


Is There a Healthy Approach to Virtual Currency?

Business and IT leaders should pay attention to virtual currency systems that gamify tasks and reward their users for making performance and behavioral changes. Read More >


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