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Will AI Go Nuclear?

Is artificial intelligence more dangerous than nukes? Could AI replace and even eradicate humans? Some experts say these possibilities are not that far-fetched. Read More >


Which Tech Brands Are the Most Innovative?

A number of companies on this list of innovative technology leaders have blazed new paths in the use of computing hardware. Another vendor started out as a search engine, but has morphed into a mobile and cloud giant—all while promoting its famous "Don't Be Evil" motto. And two other companies have been nominated for Emmy Awards this year. Combined, these firms represent the 13 most... Read More >


Planning for Social Collaboration in Your Company

Video conferencing, IM, blogs, wikis and activity streams are the norm as large firms connect their employees across groups, skills and geographic boundaries. Read More >


Qualities and Achievements of Agile Companies

More than ever, IT professionals are helping their organizations increase agility. For example, they are deploying advanced technology tools to better anticipate business changes and overhaul outdated processes. Beyond that, agile companies are embracing diverse backgrounds and skill sets, while giving their employees and teams the resources and freedom needed to make quick, informed decisions.... Read More >


GE Capital's CIO Discusses the Digital Enterprise

CIO Sigal Zarmi describes how GE Capital Americas has approached digital business and offers guidance on how a company can become a digital enterprise. Read More >


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