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Should You Let Employees Use Wearables at Work?

Management should ask two questions about enterprise wearables: What apps should employees use? How can the firm manage devices that are part of the workplace? Read More >


Delving Into Gartner's 2016 Hype Cycle

Every year, IT research and consulting firm Gartner produces its emerging technologies list, which is also referred to as its hype cycle report. On one hand, the technologies featured are far enough along that they have to be taken seriously by business. On the other hand, the barrage of press headlines and tradeshow topics aren't there for many of the technologies. The 2016 version, "Gartner... Read More >


Challenges in Dealing With the Innovation Gap

While most senior executives recognize the importance of innovation within their organization, only a minority of companies have implemented a dedicated innovation process, according to a recent survey from Twisthink. On the encouraging side, most executives believe their organizations are innovative, especially in business-impacting areas such as the customer experience, products and services... Read More >


The Drones Are Here!

It's apparent that drones are here to stay and will impact a wide swath of industries. The resulting disruption will be enormous—and this is just the beginning. Read More >


Are IoT Investments Finally Paying Off?

The internet of things has consistently generated a lot of hype. While the business potential of connecting billions of devices and objects with each other has been irresistible to many companies, the technical hurdles that must be overcome before actually getting positive results from IoT investments have been significant. However, recent survey findings from telecommunications provider Vodafone... Read More >


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