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How to Develop a Comprehensive IoT Strategy

It's important for business and IT leaders to evaluate all Internet of things options and approach IoT initiatives smartly and in a cost-conscious manner. Read More >


Disruptive Tech Poses a Do-or-Die Challenge

While a significant number of both IT and business decision-makers believe their company has secured a strong competitive advantage within their industry, they express caution about the likelihood of new disruptive tech radically changing this equation, according to a recent survey from Juniper Networks. The resulting report, "Will Your Company Survive the Next Big Disruption? IT as the Great... Read More >


How Companies Thrive in a Connected Economy

With digital disruption threatening revenue streams, a significant number of organizations are pursuing what's called "connected economy" initiatives, according to a recent survey from the Harvard Business Review and IBM. The resulting report, "The Ecosystem Equation: Collaboration in the Connected Economy," defines a connected economy (CE) as one that creates value through technology-enabled... Read More >


Innovation Will Drive Growing IT Budgets and Staff

IT budgets and staff are expected to grow this year, according to a recent survey from the Hackett Group. The accompanying report, "The CIO Agenda: Balancing Risk, Cost and Innovation," explains that innovation is driving much of the spending increases, as many executive leaders consider that their top strategic priority. To achieve business objectives, these leaders said, IT must have the... Read More >


How to Use Smart Tech to Automate Your Business

Intelligent agents, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, intelligent software, expert systems and robotic devices will soon be common in the workplace. Read More >


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