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Why Business Should Leverage Augmented Reality

Augmented reality may be a new technology for many, but there are intriguing options to explore because of the numerous potential applications in the workplace. Read More >


9 Innovations That Will Make a Big Impact in 2017

Are you curious about which innovations have the potential to make a big impact on technology and business in 2017? Then you'll want to check out this recent list published by the IEEE Computer Society. The organization's tech trend predictions for the year ahead cover a broad range of anticipated advances: There's the internet of things (IOT), of course, which is expected to boost growth... Read More >


Challenges of Protecting a Connected Environment

Many connected products have weak security and controls, and that creates points of weakness in a user’s critical private networks, systems and data. Read More >


AI Ushers in a New Era of Business and Tech

Rapid, radical advances in artificial intelligence and deep learning in business are changing the stakes—and ushering in a new era of business and technology. Read More >


Technology's New Face

A number of organizations are using facial recognition—sometimes to replace passwords. Despite a few hiccups, the biometric technology is ready for prime-time. Read More >


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