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Self-Driving Cars: Flawless Ride or 'Carmageddon'?

Innovations in technology that make autonomous cars possible also deliver advances in driving safety and comfort features that we can take advantage of today. Read More >


We Need More Tech Visionaries

We need more people who are blazing a path to innovation and progress—and fewer who are serving up gadgets and gizmos that wind up in closets and landfills. Read More >


WayBlazer's Journey Leads to Cognitive Computing

The supplier of travel data and services turns to IBM's Watson to make it simple for businesses and consumers to book an entire trip at one location online. Read More >


The IoT Still Isn't Ready for Prime Time

If we're going to have dozens—or hundreds—of connected devices on our home and business networks, we'll need better ways to manage everything in one place. Read More >


What Innovative People & Companies Do Differently

Everyone talks about being innovative, but do you and your IT teams really have what it takes to propose and pursue pioneering ideas that are both disruptive and profitable? A new survey from McKinsey & Co. highlights the following eight characteristics of innovative leaders. An accompanying article to the study, "The Eight Essentials of Innovation," reveals that groundbreaking ideas are not... Read More >


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