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How the Internet of Things Can Transform Business

The majority of business and IT executives and professionals anticipate that the Internet of things (IoT) will have a significant—if not transformational—impact on their industry, according to a recent survey from QuinStreet Enterprise. The resulting report, “Business and Tech Decision-Makers Expect Big Impact From IoT,” indicates that a great many of the survey... Read More >


Machine Learning Is Vital to this App-Based Bank

Atom Bank, an app-based financial institution in the United Kingdom, uses machine learning to redefine the way customers and the bank interact and transact. Read More >


IoT Connections Grow Across Industry Sectors

A new report finds that the Internet of things has reached a state of legitimacy, with many sectors seeing growth in IoT network connections over the past year. Read More >


The Sharing Economy Helps Firms Make or Save Money

Companies need to monetize their excess capacity, including their excess data center, warehouse or trucking capacity. Name it, and you can probably share it. Read More >


What Keeps IT From Working on Innovative Projects?

IT professionals spend far more time on the job responding to help-desk and troubleshooting needs, going to meetings and tending to administrative tasks than they do on creative and design projects, according to a recent survey from Kensington. The resulting report, "Voice of IT Report: IT Professionals 2016," indicates that, even in this age of innovation, organizations have not empowered their... Read More >


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