Innovation Archives


AI Gets Very Real

One of the most appealing uses of artificial intelligence—for businesses, government and other organizations providing sales and support—is for virtual agents. Read More >


Drones Take Off in All Directions

Business and IT leaders should have drones on their radar, and they should be thinking about how drones fit into business processes and the IT infrastructure. Read More >


Jefferson Project Makes Waves With a 'Smart' Lake

New York's Lake George has been fitted with sensors and connected systems to better understand environmental threats in order to protect freshwater supplies. Read More >


Why Interest in Wearable Tech Is Growing

Not that long ago, if you had suggested to your colleagues that your company should invest in wearable technology, you probably would have gotten a collective blank stare as a response—or maybe a grunted "Huh?" Let's face it: The very concept of wearing a computer on your wrist, your head or embedded in your clothing seemed, well, like something out of a science fiction movie. Today, of... Read More >


Innovation Affects How Consumers View Your Brand

While the general public feels that innovation is essential, most people asked said that these advances are happening too quickly, according to a recent survey from Edelman. The resulting "Innovation and the Earned Brand" study provides in-depth perspectives from global consumers about innovation and its impact on brand reputation. On the positive side, customers said innovation "opens the human... Read More >


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