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How to Use Smart Tech to Automate Your Business

Intelligent agents, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, intelligent software, expert systems and robotic devices will soon be common in the workplace. Read More >


How Can a Business Become a Digital Powerhouse?

Digital technology is rewriting business and IT rules. Success requires intrapreneurial thinking, rapid piloting, fast iteration and a different ecosystem. Read More >


Big Bird and Watson Team Up to Teach Preschoolers

BY mixing Sesame Workshop's expertise in children's content with Watson's cognitive computing tech, the firms will create personalized learning tools for kids. Read More >


Technology Needs to Get a Lot Smarter

The reality is that we need devices and systems that can understand conditions, context and behavior at a far broader and deeper level than they can today. Read More >


How the Internet of Things Can Transform Business

The majority of business and IT executives and professionals anticipate that the Internet of things (IoT) will have a significant—if not transformational—impact on their industry, according to a recent survey from QuinStreet Enterprise. The resulting report, “Business and Tech Decision-Makers Expect Big Impact From IoT,” indicates that a great many of the survey... Read More >


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