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To Get Value From the IoT, Take APIs Seriously

To realize the IoT's value, business must make the data being collected accessible and useful, so APIs are moving into the forefront of firms' digital strategy. Read More >


Pros and Cons of Wearable Tech in the Enterprise

The age of wearable tech is here—whether companies are ready or not. These devices already represent a $5 billion market, and that's expected to grow to $12.6 billion by 2018. (Google Glass alone is projected to sell 21 million units by that year.) Enthusiasm is building, as three-quarters of professionals surveyed said wearable tech would make them more efficient on the job, and one-third... Read More >


Innovative Technologies Can Alienate Customers

Companies run the risk of alienating their customers if they go out of bounds with their use of three high-profile emerging technologies: 3D printing, drones and wearable tech. A recent survey from the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies reveals that consumers generally harbor major concerns about how the organizational use of these innovative technologies will affect their safety and privacy.... Read More >


Wearables Will Be Routine in the Workplace by 2020

Wearables—Internet-connected eye wear, smartwatches and gesture-controlled devices—will become commonplace in both corporate and industrial settings by 2020. Read More >


IT Plays a Key Role in 3D Printing Initiative

Oxford Performance Materials creates sophisticated parts for the aerospace and orthopedic industries by using 3D printing, which has created big changes for IT. Read More >


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