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Digital Disruption Was the Theme at Gartner's Expo

Thousands of executives attended the event to learn about digital disruption and transformation, future tech trends and the evolving role of IT and its leaders. Read More >


How Digital Transformation Will Change Everything

The majority of global executives believe that the rapid pace of digital transformation will change nearly every aspect of the way we work, according to a recent survey from Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work and Roubini Global Economics. The resulting report, "The Work Ahead: Mastering the Digital Economy," indicates that this technology revolution may take only a few years to take hold.... Read More >


The IoT Ensures Food Safety at Ward Aquafarms

A leading commercial seafood farm turns to the internet of things to run the business more efficiently and to monitor the quality and safety of the harvest. Read More >


Why Developing Wearable and IoT Apps Is a Struggle

With mobile app developers and design staffers now working on multiple products at the same time, these professionals view the growing demand for wearable tech and connected device apps as a top current or future challenge, according to a recent survey from Kony. The resulting report, "Wearables and Connected Devices: The Next Frontier in Cross-Platform Mobile Development," indicates that the... Read More >


Macy's Mobile App Offers Self-Serve Options

The 'Macy's on Call' mobile app lets customers use natural-language queries to locate products and services in its stores without the help of a sales clerk. Read More >


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