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How Data Issues Can Stall Digital Transformations

The majority of companies have the data they need to pursue a digital transformation, but very few of them are effectively leveraging that data to ensure successful outcomes, according to a recent survey from Russell Reynolds Associates. The accompanying report, "Digital Pulse: 2017 Outlook and Perspectives from the Market," reveals that organizations are implementing new customer experiences as... Read More >


How to Build a Better IoT Framework

To develop IoT ecosystems, business and IT leaders must connect various technologies, manage partnerships, oversee APIs, and address security and privacy issues. Read More >


Why Digital Transformation Is Good Business

The vast majority of companies are investing in digital transformation projects, or they're planning to do so, according to a recent survey from Fujitsu. The accompanying "Global Digital Transformation Survey Report" reveals that a significant share of involved organizations are already benefiting from these efforts. Specifically, they're increasing revenue, improving customer relationships,... Read More >


Setting Standards: AI & Algorithmic Accountability

As artificial intelligence becomes a mainstream tool and algorithms form the basis for business decisions, companies need principles to guide their progress. Read More >


How Organizations Expect to Benefit From AI

The majority of companies surveyed have adopted some form of artificial intelligence, and they plan to significantly increase their investments in this technology for the foreseeable future, according to a recent survey from Tata Consultancy Services. The resulting report, "Getting Smarter by the Day: How AI Is Elevating the Performance of Global Companies," indicates that IT teams are making the... Read More >


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