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12 Tech Trends That Will Shape Our Future

In The Inevitable, the author identifies forces that he thinks will revolutionize our culture over the next three decades, including artificial intelligence. Read More >


Business Wants IT to Help More With Innovation

When it comes to innovation, IT decision-makers and line-of-business professionals disagree about whether the technology department is providing the solutions that are needed, according to a recent survey from Softchoice. The resulting report, "Enabling Innovation: When Actions Speak Louder Than Buzzwords," indicates that only a minority of LoB employees describe their organization as very... Read More >


IT Must Evolve to Enable Digital Transformation

When IT staffs devote most of their time to day-to-day tasks such as managing hardware, software and networks and resolving issues, they have little time to devote to innovation. That's risky, given the growing need to improve customer engagement, adopt the internet of things (IoT), and leverage the use of big data and analytics. The lack of strategic thinking, along with the required investment... Read More >


5 Essential Steps to a Winning Digital Platform

All types of businesses can benefit from digital platforms, but most new digital platforms will fail if companies neglect the five key steps to digital success. Read More >


How AI Will Revolutionize Business and Society

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a fundamental success driver for global organizations, dramatically increasing efficiencies while cutting costs, according to a recent survey from Infosys. The accompanying report, "Amplifying Human Potential: Towards Purposeful Artificial Intelligence," indicates that most companies are either fully or partially deploying this technology, and that... Read More >


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