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What Is Driving the Digital Economy?

Technologies by themselves are not playing the biggest role in supporting and growing the digital economy: New business models are playing the greatest role. Read More >


Using Data Science to Solve Society's Problems

In the Data Science Bowl, researchers work on real problems to develop solutions that will benefit society. This year's competition focused on heart disease. Read More >


Business Must Embrace and Master New Technologies

A report says that the majority of respondents think the pace of technology in their industry will grow at a rapid or unprecedented pace in the next three years. Read More >


How Shadow IT Can Generate Huge Savings

The majority of organizations are allowing—and some are even encouraging—employees to create mobile business apps without any involvement from the IT department, according to a survey from Canvas. The company's "3rd Annual Mobile Business Application" survey reveals that corporate and IT executives no longer fear such shadow IT practices, especially when they've demonstrated the... Read More >


DevOps Adoption Enhances Agility and Innovation

Companies that adopt DevOps tools and practices enhance collaboration, speed processes, are more responsive to customers and increase the rate of innovation. Read More >


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