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Using Technology to Drive Business Innovation

Building an IT organization that supports innovation, agility and growth is essential, and the right framework can unleash opportunities for business success. Read More >


The World's Top Brands Are Digital

As if you needed any more proof that technology products dominate all others, check out this recent revelation: Eleven of the top products in the world are digital, according to a recent top 100 list published by Brand Keys. (The only non-tech product cracking the top dozen brands is Dunkin' Donuts coffee, which must mean that the list is absolutely legit.) After taking into consideration more... Read More >


IT Increases Budget for Quality Assurance, Testing

Organizations are investing a greater percentage of the overall IT budget in quality assurance (QA) and testing, according to a recent survey from Capgemini. Published in conjunction with HP, the accompanying "World Quality Report" reveals that this trend is directly benefiting innovation, as most of the spending is funding new development work rather than maintenance needs. This means tech... Read More >


Will the Internet of Things Become a Big Waste?

If all our old and disposable devices—along with the gazillions of batteries we use to power them—end up in landfills, we're headed for a colossal waste problem. Read More >


No Small Change: Pay-as-You-Go Usage Models

As long as data isn't misused or abused, what could be fairer than paying for products and services based on actual consumption rather than aggregate models? Read More >


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