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How 'Smart' Products Are Changing the World

The growing proliferation of "smart" products is affecting everything—from supply-chain management to customer engagement to marketing campaigns to analytics, according to a recent survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit and Cognizant. The accompanying report, "The Rise of the Smart Product Economy," states that smart technology has a presence in virtually every aspect of our culture,... Read More >


Erie Insurance Group Puts a Focus on Google Glass

The insurance firm, which always looks for ways to make things easier for adjustors in the field, tries Google Glass as a way to streamline claims processes. Read More >


Why Should Business Care About Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing, an alternative to classical computing, will eventually help solve problems that cannot be solved today due to limitations in computing power. Read More >


How AI Is Enhancing Big Data Initiatives

Enterprise leaders and professionals overwhelmingly view artificial intelligence as a productivity boost—and even a jobs creator. These views are especially true when AI is used to advance big data efforts, according to a recent survey from Narrative Science. The resulting report, "State of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the Enterprise," indicates that most of the companies... Read More >


Self-Driving Cars: Flawless Ride or 'Carmageddon'?

Innovations in technology that make autonomous cars possible also deliver advances in driving safety and comfort features that we can take advantage of today. Read More >


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