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Initiatives Could Save Federal Agencies Billions

Cloud computing, diversification and virtualization are among the initiatives that federal agencies could deploy to save billions, while increasing efficiency. Read More >


New Business Framework Improves Service to Clients

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities deployed a cross-county system that enables its staff and providers to offer better services to its clients. Read More >


Predictions on the 2025 Data Center

What will data centers look like in a decade? For starters, you can expect them to be smaller, as the vast majority of data center and telecom professionals expect these facilities to take up no more than one-half of the space they do now, according to a recent survey from Emerson Network Power. Plus, thanks to the expanded use of solar power and other green initiatives, data centers are likely... Read More >


Technology Is a Key Ally in the AIDS War

A global consortium tasked with eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Ghana includes Yale University, IBM, The ONE Campaign and local partners. Read More >


Business Sees Benefits of Unified Communications

Organizations are eager to increase their use of unified communications tools, even though most corporate executives confess that they're unclear about what "unified communications" actually means. While this may sound paradoxical, it represents one of the interesting findings in a recent survey from Evolve IP, which gives this definition of UC: "The concept of consolidating phone, email, fax,... Read More >


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