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Sutter Health Administers a Dose of Data Analytics

The California-based health care network adopted a centralized enterprise data management platform to achieve data integration, flexibility and agility. Read More >


Find Out How Much You Know About Data Centers

If you think you know everything you need to know about data centers, put your knowledge to the test with the following quiz, which has been adapted from recent research published by Emerson Network Power and the Ponemon Institute. Before you start, you should know that this quiz—part of the "Emerson Data Center IQ Survey"—is a tough one. A total of 570 participating data center... Read More >


LinkedIn Connects With a New Data Center

LinkedIn must develop new applications for its members that will drive higher margin revenues. To achieve that goal, the firm is adding a megascale data center. Read More >


Is There Still a Place for the Data Warehouse?

The data warehouse has outgrown its original purpose, but it can work with Hadoop in a unified effort to provide a road map for core BI and analytics systems. Read More >


Why IT Is 'Containing' Databases and Developers

The vast majority of enterprises are either using or experimenting with container technology, or they're planning to make a transition, according to a recent survey from Robin Systems, a provider of containerized data platform software. Essentially, containers make it possible for enterprises to come up with a virtual server space for developers so they can work in isolation from production... Read More >


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