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Chip Giant Clarifies Graphics Plans, Hints at HPC Project

By Baselinemag  |  Posted 2010-05-26 Print this article Print

Intel will continue with its efforts to enhance the graphics capabilities of its CPUs, but the chip maker will not release a "Larrabee"-like discrete graphics processor any time soon.

Intel spokesperson Bill Kircos says the chip giant will not release a discrete graphics chip any time soon, putting an end to the project code-named Larrabee. However, Kircos says Intel will continue enhancing the graphics capabilities of its CPUs, and Intel officials at the International Supercomputing show will outline a high-performance computing effort created from the work with Larrabee and many-core processors.

In a Technology@Intel blog post May 25, Intel spokesperson Bill Kircos said the company will increase spending and manpower in the area of graphics, and hinted at a new effort born out of the Larrabee program and Intel's efforts in many-core CPU technologies that will focus on the HPC (high-performance computing) and supercomputing spaces.


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