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Aaron's Buys Into Cloud-Based Financial Planning

The specialty retailer moved from spreadsheets and manual processes to an advanced, cloud-based financial planning system to ring up better business results. Read More >


Five Innovations Likely to Change Our Lives

IBM's annual list of five top technology predictions for the next five years offers a glimpse at how computing will change both our work and our personal lives. Read More >


Shopzilla Is Sold on Big Data

An online shopping giant uses big data to boost speed and efficiency in a field where you can win or lose based on the speed and efficiency of your transactions. Read More >


Cloud-Based Analytics Helps Maximize Profitability

By applying analytics in a cloud computing environment, online retail giant can deliver a more personalized shopping experience to its customers. Read More >


Technology Rings Up Revenue for Retailers

Information technology is driving massive changes in retailing. Successful businesses are embracing everything from back-end analytics and social media to mobile POS systems. Read More >


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