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Music Biz Gets It, Movie Biz Doesn't

Businesses formerly known as "record companies" move smartly into the cloud, while Hollywood stays stuck on stupid. Read More >


10 All-time Great Ad Lines

U.S. companies spend more than $400 billion dollars a year on advertising and marketing, but very few examples cross into the broader culture to become iconic catch phrases or punch lines. has come up with ten all-time great company slogans and taglines. These are brainstorms that have stood the test of time – to the point where the words have been repeated so often that consumers... Read More >


Tablets Alone Won't Remake Publishing

iPad and Kindle editions can't save e-publishing unless a better pricing model emerges. Read More >


Social Media For Public Safety

Government increasingly relies on social media tools to manage disasters. Read More >


Social Media Influence On Purchasing Overrated

Social media influence consumer decisions, but not as much you might think&#151at least not yet. As customers flock to the Internet for research, the most popular sites remain those with advice from established reviewers and experts, according to a survey from the Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker. In other words, we’re more inclined to trust the mainstream media than advice from Aunt... Read More >


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