Manufacturing Archives


3D Printing Takes Shape

A sci-fi technology is on its way to becoming a reality for businesses and consumers. Read More >


L`Oréal`s Manufacturing Makeover

A new central IT system for process information improved efficiency by ensuring uniform production, quality and process methodologies at L´Oréal’s worldwide operations. Read More >


IT Boosts Innovation, Profits for Manufacturers

Five very different manufacturing companies depend on information technology to keep their businesses innovative, efficient and profitable. Read More >


Insulation Against Cyber-Threats

By upgrading its network security, US GreenFiber reduced energy costs by 14 cents an hour and realized significant space savings with the removal of unnecessary hardware. Read More >


Technology-Business Alignment Pays Off in Efficient Collaboration

To meet the need for easy collaboration, the IT department of Federal Heath developed the Customer Status System, a project management system that allows salespeople, project managers, designers and estimators, manufacturing plants and customers to exchange information internally over a corporate network or externally over the Web. Read More >


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