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Jury Deadlocks on Fair Java Use as Oracle Wins Partial Victory Over Google

The jury in the Oracle vs. Google lawsuit returned a partial verdict, saying Google infringed on Oracle s Java copyrights. However, jurors deadlocked on the issue of fair use, which prompted Google to call for a mistrial. Read More >


Managing Compliance Effectively

Javitch, Block & Rathbone separated information systems security compliance from its legal compliance department, and the two departments now work hand in hand. Read More >


Hoarding Data Wastes Money

Eighty percent of ostensibly “active” files and folders have not been accessed for three to five years, resulting in unnecessary IT expenditures. Yet, most of the costs associated with unnecessary data hoarding are hidden. Read More >


Business Expertise Defines Top IT Talent

Technical knowledge is a prerequisite, not a differentiating characteristic that IT departments are looking for in top talent. Read More >


Defending Against Lawsuits

C-Level executives must work together to protect their companies from prohibitive costs, catastrophic risk and over-burdened internal resources stemming from legal proceedings. Read More >


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