Health Care Archives


Connected Devices Offer a Healthier Approach

As health concerns and waistlines grow, connected technology provides a tangible and effective way to navigate diet, nutrition, exercise and more. Read More >


Five Innovations Likely to Change Our Lives

IBM's annual list of five top technology predictions for the next five years offers a glimpse at how computing will change both our work and our personal lives. Read More >


TechJam Develops Technology to Help Veterans

MetLife TechJam asked participants to find tech solutions for the VA and to improve the accessibility and deliverability of health care information to veterans. Read More >


Cloud-Based Analytics Turns Data Into Knowledge

CareCore National, a provider of evidence-based health care solutions, turns to analytics, virtualization and clouds to build a powerful, flexible IT framework. Read More >


The Cloud Helps in the Fight Against Cancer

A cloud-based platform helps a health care company deliver information about breast cancer techniques and best practices to health care providers and the public. Read More >


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