Health Care Archives


Insurance Provider Transforms Customer Service

Central Health Insurance adopted a software solution that offers intelligent workflows, improving customer service and reducing processing time by 90 percent. Read More >


Walgreens Prescribes Strong Business Continuity

The drug retailing giant uses business continuity to ensure that news, information and instructions reach the right people at the right time during emergencies. Read More >


Life Sciences: A Bold New Frontier for Technology

The health care and life sciences industry is undergoing radical change as a result of technology. Not only are the organizations that are competing in this space upgrading and updating IT systems to better match today's requirements, they're also unleashing a spate of new technologies that will likely revolutionize medicine. A recently released report from Accenture Life Sciences, "Capturing the... Read More >


Revamping an Active Directory Infrastructure

MaineHealth undergoes an Active Directory modernization in order to boost communication, productivity and performance, while reducing errors and delays. Read More >


Mobile Tech Brings Medicine to Developing Markets

Life science companies will have the ability to offer access to medicines in developing markets by taking advantage of the newest mobile technologies. Read More >


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