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Union Bank Puts Its Money on DevOps

One of the nation's leading financial institutions turns to a DevOps approach to speed development and improve results, enabling it to run IT as a business. Read More >


Securities Firm Adopts a Blended Data Approach

Rosenblatt Securities turns to a blended data approach to push the envelope on data collection and information delivery, significantly improving performance. Read More >


How to Turn Your Company Into a Digital Powerhouse

Digital technologies are changing the enterprise, but turning your company into a digital powerhouse presents new challenges and requires new ways of thinking. Read More >


CFOs Are the New Technology Evangelists

CFOs have become technology evangelists, taking the helm at finance organizations that recognize the value of digital technologies and cloud-delivery mechanisms. Read More >


Bank Turns to Cognitive Computing and Analytics

DBS Bank, a global financial services firm, turns to cognitive computing and advanced analytics to boost the breadth and depth of its products and services. Read More >


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