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Five Innovations Likely to Change Our Lives

IBM's annual list of five top technology predictions for the next five years offers a glimpse at how computing will change both our work and our personal lives. Read More >


VDI and BYOD Help Teachers and Students Succeed

A Virginia school district uses VDI and BYOD to provide online access to all the applications, files and information available in a classroom computer or lab. Read More >


Teach for America Adopts a Back-Up Plan

The not-for-profit organization adopted an advanced backup and recovery system to power its mission of boosting educational opportunities for children in poverty. Read More >


Will Watson Make the Grade at Rensselaer?

IBM's Watson, a next-generation supercomputer system, makes its first university appearance at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, creating an innovation hub. Read More >


Data Center Upgrade Earns High Marks at CSU

Chicago State University integrates it monitoring to enhance efficiency, operational visibility and responsiveness. Read More >


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