Education Archives


Nonprofit Teaches Girls to Code and Build Websites

Volunteers with technical skills head into schools in underserved communities, and nonprofit CodeEd provides them with curriculum and course materials. Read More >


Five Innovations Likely to Change Our Lives

IBM's annual list of five top technology predictions for the next five years offers a glimpse at how computing will change both our work and our personal lives. Read More >


VDI and BYOD Help Teachers and Students Succeed

A Virginia school district uses VDI and BYOD to provide online access to all the applications, files and information available in a classroom computer or lab. Read More >


Teach for America Adopts a Back-Up Plan

The not-for-profit organization adopted an advanced backup and recovery system to power its mission of boosting educational opportunities for children in poverty. Read More >


Will Watson Make the Grade at Rensselaer?

IBM's Watson, a next-generation supercomputer system, makes its first university appearance at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, creating an innovation hub. Read More >


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