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PBS Takes an Educated Approach to Digital Assets

PBS's desire to streamline enterprise information management led it to adopt an advanced EIM solution to oversee a complex and growing array of digital content. Read More >


Physical Security: A New IT Challenge

When the IT department is involved from the onset of an IP surveillance initiative, it improves the chances of a smooth, on-time and on-budget implementation. Read More >


Nonprofit Teaches Girls to Code and Build Websites

Volunteers with technical skills head into schools in underserved communities, and nonprofit CodeEd provides them with curriculum and course materials. Read More >


Five Innovations Likely to Change Our Lives

IBM's annual list of five top technology predictions for the next five years offers a glimpse at how computing will change both our work and our personal lives. Read More >


VDI and BYOD Help Teachers and Students Succeed

A Virginia school district uses VDI and BYOD to provide online access to all the applications, files and information available in a classroom computer or lab. Read More >


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