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Do We Need to Rethink Learning?

To deal with the expected shortage of IT pros, business and government need to think in broader, more open ways about learning, education and skills development. Read More >


French Coding School in U.S. to Offer New Approach

A French tech school brings unconventional learning methods to the U.S. This type of peer-to-peer, project-based approach may represent the future of learning. Read More >


Health Care App Saves Employees Time and Money

Team Select Home Care, a regional home health services provider, turns to a telemedicine provider to manage health care costs for its employees. Read More >


Big Bird and Watson Team Up to Teach Preschoolers

BY mixing Sesame Workshop's expertise in children's content with Watson's cognitive computing tech, the firms will create personalized learning tools for kids. Read More >


Major Roadblocks Facing Big Data and Health Care

Three roadblocks can delay big data adoption in health care organizations. Often, the problems lie with leadership, costs and the lack of specialized skill sets. Read More >


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