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Big Bird and Watson Team Up to Teach Preschoolers

BY mixing Sesame Workshop's expertise in children's content with Watson's cognitive computing tech, the firms will create personalized learning tools for kids. Read More >


Major Roadblocks Facing Big Data and Health Care

Three roadblocks can delay big data adoption in health care organizations. Often, the problems lie with leadership, costs and the lack of specialized skill sets. Read More >


Big Data Helps Provide Insight Into Cancer

Health care organization CancerLinQ deploys a big data initiative based on a robust and agile cloud-based platform that ties into an analytics system. Read More >


Testing Responsive Design on Mobile Devices

Mindful of the increasing number of its customers who access its site through smartphones, Simplyhealth enhanced its mobile application delivery. Read More >


Harnessing Technology to Improve Health Care

Nowhere is technology poised to have a greater impact than in the health care and life sciences space, where innovations are yielding huge benefits for patients. Read More >


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