Weak Commitment to Mobile Hurts Business, Workers

While the vast majority of professionals think their mobile work devices and apps serve a critical business purpose, few believe that their organization adequately supports mobility, according to a recent survey from SOTI. The resulting... More >

Digital Performance Issues Impede Transformation

A majority of both IT and business professionals lack confidence in their ability to resolve digital performance issues, according to a recent survey from Dynatrace. The resulting report, "The Global Digital Performance and... More >

How AI and AR Will Impact the Way We Work and Live

For decades, science fiction novels and films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Colossus: The Forbin Project have envisioned a society in which artificial intelligence (AI) creates "hyper-smart" machines that act on their own... More >

Smart Tech Makes Its Mark

Consumers are embracing smart technologies, but they have serious concerns about losing control, the cost of the technology, and security and privacy issues. More >

Why Job Seekers Expect Better Hiring Experiences

The majority of workers said that the job interview and onboarding processes frequently set the tone for their employment experience with a company, yet too few organizations handle them well, according to a recent survey from... More >

Technology Shifts Create Digital Ethics Dilemmas

Businesses that wield vast influence over users of their products and services have an overwhelming responsibility to behave ethically and do the right thing. More >
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