Hardware Archives


Enhancing Business Processes and Productivity

More than 800 industry professionals attended the Xerox simple@work event, which focused on increasing productivity and simplifying business processes. Read More >


Utah Ski Resort Races Toward Next-Gen IT

Park City Mountain Resort adopted advanced technology solutions to improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, cut costs and drive business results. Read More >


3D Printing Is Here, but It Must Be Safe to Stay

3D printing has many benefits, but potential risks must be evaluated, and companies should consider safety concerns as part of their risk management approach. Read More >


Drilling Company Survives a CryptoLocker Attack

LEAM Drilling Systems' backup and disaster recovery system defeated CryptoLocker and did not have to pay the ransom required to restore encrypted files. Read More >


Ensuring Successful Data Backup and Recovery

Denso implemented a system that would ensure data integrity, guarantee that all backed-up data could be restored and provide a disaster recovery plan. Read More >


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