Hardware Archives


Ensuring Successful Data Backup and Recovery

Denso implemented a system that would ensure data integrity, guarantee that all backed-up data could be restored and provide a disaster recovery plan. Read More >


Advanced Tech Creates Picture-Perfect Results

Reel FX, a design, animation and visual effects studio, draws on state-of-the-art computer technology to provide speed and processing power for its films. Read More >


Cutting-Edge Storage Is a Goal for San Jose Sharks

The hockey team adopted a solid-state storage solution to better manage its complex storage issues in an agile fashion. Flash storage has met its demands. Read More >


Teach for America Adopts a Back-Up Plan

The not-for-profit organization adopted an advanced backup and recovery system to power its mission of boosting educational opportunities for children in poverty. Read More >


DreamWorks Turbo-Charges Its Technology

The animation studio turned to a converged infrastructure to boost its IT firepower and create state-of-the-art films faster and better. Read More >


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