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John Deere Moves ERP to Single In-Memory Platform

John Deere, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, can now handle a financial closing in minutes and can do predictive maintenance on its customers' machines. Read More >


Business Process Automation Aids Global Retailer

A global fashion company uses IT and business process automation to keep up with constantly changing both internal and external customer demands. Read More >


ERP Helps U.S. Army Manage $220B Budget

The U.S. Army has deployed one of the world's largest ERP systems, which helps its leaders manage its $220 billion budget, as well as making smarter, faster decisions--in this country and in the field. Read More >


Fanatical Focus on Integration

Colgate-Palmolive faced many of the same challenges as PepsiCo when it had to migrate dozens of systems from multiple divisions and multiple countries onto a single technology platform. The difference is that Colgate-Palmolive has succeeded. Read More >


5 Secure Reasons for Thin Clients

If you need justifications for adopting thin clients, look no further. Read More >


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