ERP Archives


Paper Company Goes Paperless

Envelopments achieved such significant gains and cost savings with business management software that it is passing on some of the savings to its customers. Read More >


John Deere Moves ERP to Single In-Memory Platform

John Deere, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, can now handle a financial closing in minutes and can do predictive maintenance on its customers' machines. Read More >


Business Process Automation Aids Global Retailer

A global fashion company uses IT and business process automation to keep up with constantly changing both internal and external customer demands. Read More >


ERP Helps U.S. Army Manage $220B Budget

The U.S. Army has deployed one of the world's largest ERP systems, which helps its leaders manage its $220 billion budget, as well as making smarter, faster decisions--in this country and in the field. Read More >


Fanatical Focus on Integration

Colgate-Palmolive faced many of the same challenges as PepsiCo when it had to migrate dozens of systems from multiple divisions and multiple countries onto a single technology platform. The difference is that Colgate-Palmolive has succeeded. Read More >


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